Spigot QuickShop Reremake | 1.15 READY - Bees bees bee -

A shop plugin that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands.

  1. Don't worry, we're under rewriting new branch `Era`.
    New branch with new framework, apis and better performance of course.
    This may will took some times, but it should be worth.

    Because completely rewritten, we can choose any LICENSE and encrypt the code if we want as free.
    So we have full permission and power to knock the copyright problem in future -- because it completely made by us.

    Thanks anyway ^ ^, join the discord server and get any news :p
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  2. That would be fine with the current quickshop.db database or it will require a reset?
  3. I hope database can merge to new database.
    But i can't promise it, i just can say `we're trying to do best`
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  4. What is the flag for world guard?
    Or how i use in X regions with X flag or something?
  5. example.config.yml is your friend.
  6. Nothing they still creating chests out of the regions :(
  7. I have regen the old config and nothing ...
  8. Ok, the problem is that is not generating the flag that need world-guard so dont need check flag...
    IDK why dont generate the flag for it :(
  9. next time edit your posts instead of posting 3 times xD
  10. And the answer?
    1 star comming, the example config is not my friend :(
    #790 robi, Feb 12, 2020
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  11. MySQL Player Data Bridge
    QuickShop Reremake

    They may not be compatible, and a tragedy happened on my server!

    Online players go to the offline player's store to purchase products. After the purchase is completed, the offline player's account will increase the money crazy. This money is displayed in the office_money list of the MySQL Player Data Bridge.

    I am from China, my English is not good, I hope you know what I am expressing! Thank you!

    QuickShop Reremake3.1.3.14
  12. I have added the dev version and works.



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  13. 请联系MysqlPlayerDataBridge插件作者报告相关错误。
  14. Must enable wg support, it disabled by default.
  15. Ghost_chu updated QuickShop Reremake | 1.15 READY - Bees bees bee - with a new update entry:

    [%version%] The last update for v3 branch - Virtual DisplayItem and Bug fixes

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  16. QuickShop Reremake is not compatible with Chest Protect, the player's store can be locked / locked by others, I have feedback to the Chest Protect author!
    He wants you to join API support!
    The need to hook into ChestProtect.
    API download: https://github.com/Angeschossen/ChestProtect/releases/tag/
    Then they just listen for the ProtectionPreCreationEvent and cancel it if it is a shop.
    Also supports maven.
  17. ShopManager#getShopsIncludeAttached

    And i will try do that in QuickShop-Era, but for reremake, it stopped developing.
    All new request will added into Era not Reremake.

    Reremake only update when bug was fixed.

    Also we have
    and other events