Spigot QuickShop Reremake - 1.18 Ready - Multi Currency

A shop plugin that allows players to easily sell/buy any items from a chest without any commands.

  1. Sorry but that not support :(
  2. Hello, is there a way to stop selling/buying in creative mode?
  3. So glad there's a working version of Quickshop on 1.13, thank you.

    I have a small request though. One thing this plugin does that the original Quickshop does not is automatically remove existing LWC protections from shop chests. Do you think you could make this configurable?
  4. wat this mean I bit confused?

    Code (Text):
    /qs fetchmessage - Fetch shop message manually from database.
  5. When will you be able to deactivate the creation of a shop or authorized on some regions?
  6. Look the updatelog
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  7. You can make a addon to do that.
    QS didn't should do that, because i must keep QS's code clean, simple, dependless.Cuz just like that, i can update to new Minecraft version quickly.
  8. I think in lastet QSRR, already will ignore the LWC protect.
  9. I am not a developer, this option would make your plugin usable because for now players can create shops anywhere :(
  10. Maybe you will like check the Towny Addon, If you using the AreaShop, you can enable AreaShop support in config.yml
  11. I do not use Towny Addon i have other plugin that manages this. Why not make it compatible with the allow-shop flag? This would be a big plus for your plugin.
  12. Use AreaShop, i don't want support WorldGuard cuz WG's api changes everyday.
  13. No WG support!? Dam i'd really like to use this plugin, would u reconsider then instead of dev builds try BETA builds for WorldGuard, the API doesn't change as often. That's what I notice a lot of plugin authors/devs are doing lately when adding WorldGuard compatibility
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  14. Hey, I discovered a weird issue with the logs file. For some reason the plugin is writing empty lines into qs.log several times a minute. They just show up as "{}" with a timestamp before it. Can this be fixed?