Spigot QuickShop v.1.13-0.9.39-beta

A shop plugin that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands.

  1. KaiNoMood submitted a new resource:

    QuickShop - A shop plugin that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands.

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  2. @KaiNoMood Do this plugin compatible with 1.8.8?

    I asked because I ran into a console error and I don't see any folder generated after server restart.
  3. Yes it does. If you need support, please open a Github issue.
  4. Ok, but I'll wait for update with the new blocks so that I won't have to switch plugin versions from time to time.
  5. It would be great if this had:
    • A way to change the item sold without breaking the chest
    • WorldGuard flags to allow/disallow shops in certain areas
    • Maybe check on button release when interacting with a shop so you don't get spammed with shop info when just wanting to break the chest. As it is I have to set it to sneak-leftclick for that which is a bit inconvenient.
    Otherwise pretty satisfied.
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  6. KaiNoMood updated QuickShop with a new update entry:

    Version 0.9.18 - Custom items and potions name! (Works with MC1.9.4!)

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  7. Please add double chest support. Someone on my server made a double chest, then made a quick shop sign on one of them. He then cooped someone on an Askyblock island and that person broke the chest without a sign on it. Please make it so you add one sign, it protects both chests.
  8. Any idea if it will ever be in the works of making that first line on signs customizable? the color is ugly and hard to see with a default texture pack according to most of my players. Plus having a sign that says something custom is always sexy ;)
  9. Great plugin! Would it be possible to suppress the message when someone buys from an unlimited shop when "pay-unlimited-shop-owners" is set to false?
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  10. Can you create a conversion shop... Chestshop to quickshop ! I love quickshop I use it since quickshop standalone and i want it on my server !
  11. Would you consider supporting Grief Prevention by allowing shops within a claim to be used without the claim owner having to grant container trust?
  12. Quickshop is not currently supported on version 1.10.2 :(

    It's odd. It was working a few weeks ago on version 1.10. But, now.. it dosnt want to work.
    gives me an internal error. Cool plugin, but it needs to be updated.
  13. You have to download latest Dev version.

    Report issues on GitHub.
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  14. I dont really use github. Do you have to sign in or create an account to report issues? If the developer is advertising bis plugin here, why do i need to go somewhere else to report it?

    Im just wondering this cause im not to familar with github or what it is.
    But i know a lot of mod and plugin developers use it.
  15. How do you delete shops?
  16. Break the chest?
  17. I do that, but it still says when I try to remake a shop:
    That is already a shop
  18. That means you are not breaking the chest normally (perhaps you are using WorldEdit?), or another plugin is cancelling the break event (it would be very weird). You can use the command "/qs clean" to remove ghost chests.