Spigot QuickShop v.1.13-0.9.39-beta

A shop plugin that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands.

  1. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    We also had some random disconnects and my wife put the same pieces together... A shame too because we love Quickshop but are going to have to look for a replacement soon since it seems to have too many bugs currently :(
  2. Is there any way to silence/mute the buy messages the shop gives as an Admin. Floods chat with buy messages.
    De Squid
  3. Ah so THAT's why I keep disconnecting? Sigh, such a shame, this has been my fav plugin for years. Every time it stops being updated I try another but as soon as its updated again I go back as its simply the best.

    How about this, the dev picks a price for which he will fix and update it, turn it into a kickstarter campaign and lets get this funded?
  4. If this turns into a paid plugin for like $10 USD, I will pay and I'm sure many others would too.
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  5. What's the latest? Are people still crashing from it? We're fairly dependent on this plugin at this point, fairly large userbase with thousands and thousands of shops.
  6. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    I would as well, it has been our main shop plugin for years and it would be nice to have it fully supported again, rather than jumping from different forks to different forks.

    Sadly yes, the more shops that are loaded around you, the higher chance at getting disconnected. Not sure what it is technically that's causing it, but I sometimes get DC'd back to back if I am in one of my players markets that has hundreds of Quickshops... And it is turning away some players because it's a pain in some areas to play :(
  7. Are you using QuickShop-0.9.28 from devs version ? i don't have crash on mine.
  8. Hey guys, sorry but I don't check this thread very much! I've been extremely busy lately but in the next days I'll work on it! Please be sure to report bugs on Github! Thanks!
  9. About the disconnects, it could be related to the floating icon above the chest. Please disable display-item on the QuickShop config and then try again!
  10. KaiNoMood updated QuickShop with a new update entry:

    Version 0.9.29 - Display item fix for 1.11 and new anti-dupe protection!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Thank you so much for updating the plugin KaiNoMood. If there are any issues I'll reply with those. Also if you do decide to make this a paid plugin now or in the future I would welcome it and pay without hesitation :)
  12. Hello. QuickShop NLM will never be a paid plugin.

    If you think I'm doing a good work, you can support me (and by doing so, the QuickShop NLM project) on my personal page: http://mc.kaikk.net/

    Thank you very much!
  13. Thanks for the link I've sent you $10 USD / 9.40 Euro :)
  14. Thank you very much for your support, much appreciated! ^^

    Please report any issue on Github, not here because I don't check this thread!
  15. Thank you for this plugin! We have auto signs set to true in the config, but they don't generate. It also doesn't take money out of the players vault balance.
  16. This is probably caused by other plugins causing issues. QuickShop doesn't really do anything weird. Try removing few of the other plugins. Also your economy plugin may be broken. Anyway posting your server log on pastebin.com and reporting that on QuickShop's Github repository may help a lot.

    Please report any issue on Github Only:
  17. Unfortunately we've learned that Quick Shop doesn't have admin shops, so we can't use it on the intended server, but If you can add that feature that would be great because it's a really nice plugin!
  18. What do you call admin-shop ? People understand name and don't understand function.
    If you want unlimited shop, you can make that with quickshop :)
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  19. The term "Admin Shop" goes back to when Chest Shop was first made along time ago. The chest is owned by the server, any money given to the server is just discarded.

  20. A admin shop is first unlimited shop
    make a shop, /qs unlimited, and /qs setowner server, or any virtual account you want.
    Your shop sell all, unlimited and you don't have money on your admin accout :)
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