Bungee - Proxy QuickSwitch | Speed up your server switch | FastConnect 1.3

switch servers without having to go through that dimension change screen

  1. spigot version?
    client version´╝č
  2. Both 1.12.2, I stated latest spigot before
  3. hmmmm,does that floating mob belong to the previous server?
  4. I believe so, was from switching from a SkyGrid server to a Survival one
  5. Latest paper 1.12.2
    Latest ViaVersion and ViaRewind

    The plugin is unusable. Strong glitch (visual pieces of the world of the past server) as well as holograms and players are duplicated from other servers.
  6. Have you installed QuickSwitch in your spigot server?
    You need to install the plugin both in Bungee and Spigot
  7. Yep, waterfall + spigot
  8. Have you installed ProtocolLib?
  9. Yes
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  11. Didn't notice, sorry. Good luck and good code!;)
  12. I added a 1.8 force support,it maybe work
    if you have time,you can test it
    : D
  13. i checked some Docs , i think it need a advanced JAVA to finish it.
  14. Hi, the plugin is amazing, but in version 1.8 the entities are invisible and holograms (Sorry, I do not speak English)
  15. yes,it is not work good on 1.8 version
  16. what do you mean with foorce support?

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