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  1. I have officially decided to quit running servers. I've bought 2 VPS(s) and I have to leave them running in order to keep the server.

    I've wasted about $15 and don't think I can get a refund.

    The server isn't even good and don't wanna sell because of it's shitty quality. What should I do?
  2. You can use these as antidoss protection and buy a good server
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  3. I'm not running servers any more.

    Edit: Spoke with OVH, they say it's non refundable but I can sell it :p
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    A week is a very short time to give up, mostly after spending money. OVH give refunds if it's within a couple of days.
  5. They don't.
  6. It was a horrible idea to buy OVH's VPS. They run with AMD Opteron, I had them and the tps was 17~. Although there are good for websites.