/r kicking players

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  1. Hi SpigotMC,

    A recent bug I have seen recently on our server is when players do /r (with a more lengthier message) it seems to kick them for spamming. Now I will say, this does not happen all the time with every player but it does happen enough where it is a pretty big issue. I figured it was ChatControl as that's what we're using for our chat plugin, however I have configured it to not block the message: /msg, /r, /w, /tell, etc, etc so at this point I don't even think its chatcontrol.

    Hoping to get some knowledge on why this could be, thanks so much everyone!​
  2. Troubleshooting options:
    1) Disable anything that would kick players for spamming and try one by one to see whats causing it.
    2) Check your console to see what happens when a player executes the /r command (might help with the immediate answer below).

    Might be an immediate answer:
    1) The reason it might kick the player for executing /r is because that command may be linked to more than one action; if /r is used to reply and there are multiple reply executions or executions in general from that command than a plugin might consider it as spamming. Try searching if your /r command is linked to other actions other than reply (in Essentials and plugins such as myCommand).
  3. Hm ok, thanks!

  4. If you run your server version <1.12.2 and you have players on client versions >1.13 because of ViaVer-Crap that is the reason. If you are not using ViaVersion then it may be a different chat plugin.
  5. Hmm, yup we are using Viaversion, Viarewind aswell. What would be the fix/solution for that?