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  1. The newly created subreddit for spigot developers is searching for moderators, and also opening is doors to new players to post anything spigot related! We all try to help the ones with problems (Errors/Bugs ex..)
    And try to develop this big community! Well, see you there, https://www.reddit.com/r/Spigotdevs/!

    *If you'd like to apply for being a moderator (not much required) Please P.M me or P.M @Erezbiox1

    #Please note we don't have any motive to become more dominant then spigot forums, moreover we will suggest newly joined subreddit subscribers to go head to the spigot forums for any further support. if this cause any problem within the rules we will take down any sign of the subreddit and this post.
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  2. This sounds cool! I sadly won't be using it since I'm not a developer. :(
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  3. That shouldn't matter, the subreddit is about plugin-development but its for everyone. Discussions and suggestions are also welcome. ;)
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  4. seems interesting, gl
  5. We posted our first weekly challenge today, you should check it out!
  6. We have a forum why splitting discussions up?
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  7. link?
  8. There are 2 posts in that subreddit, I'm sure you will find it :)
  9. alright thnx
  10. We want to give comfort for players who like using reddit. this should bother players who use the forums. we try to expand the community, sorry if it bothers you.
  11. You do realize /r/admincraft encompases most of what you're doing here, right?

    Other than that, I wish you best of luck :)
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  12. JamesJ


    There is a forum for a reason... Why're you trying to move people away from the forum...
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  13. Also, are there any requirements for applying as a moderator at the subreddit.
    I mean, how do you make sure that all of those moderators who help >us< with our issues, produce high quality code (relating to Java Coding Conventions, etc.)?
  14. Yes, the mods, and generally readers of the forum have very high quality code.
  15. How would you know that all of the readers produce quality code?

    Btw, that is just "complaining on a high comfort level" (do you say that in English? I'm sorry, I just googled it as the German equivalent would be "jammern auf hohem Niveau", thus I am sorry if you don't say that in English. ^^)
  16. Agreed, so sadly I wouldn't be using this :/

    Goodluck still!
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  17. I agree. I think the forum is simple, great and humble, though it is a semi-cool idea to go on reddit, I think the community should stick to the forums.