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  1. I've gone through several changes on my site, but I finally made a site that I like.

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  2. what even is that template

    everyone's been using it lately
  3. Maximvdw


    the mac as a background is a bit overused

    1) As a web developer, having a responsive site is a must. Especially when the phone in the background can't display your site
    2) Pages do not contain any useful information. Its like you used the homepage as a template and copied it to every page
    3) Loading bar for loading the exact same page

    0.5 for effort
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  4. opened page
    saw iphone & mac as background
    left page
  5. Fitted fine when I used it.

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  7. Mine is better.
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  8. I'll be honest here:

    Please don't claim to be a web designer and use a website template as your home page. Its perfectly fine for you to want to learn web design, but before actually offering your services, at least practice first.
  9. Its not a template.
  10. http://sockspls.com/

    those bootstrap links

    other people use the exact same template

    no point in denying it
  11. I use the background image, that's about it. lol.
  12. No your not, you just made a small modification I assume in the CSS of where the links are, THEY MATCH YOURS EXACTLY, then added your name made the line longer and white, under it whatever you try to claim, then you probably googled how to make a flashing |

    Stop denying it, we all know you did. And all of your Portfolio is from templates also.
  13. Lol, no. I just took the background image cause I thought it looked nice. I only used Bootstrap because I was lazy to make the footer. And no, it's from typist.js

    Edit: Trying to make a site similar to this.

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  14. Just change the image to something else rn so they all shut up? XD
  15. I'll look for one when I get home.
  16. Think I might modify my website a little now :D I like the layout of this one. (NO, I won't make a 1:1 copy not even close... before I get roasted).
  17. Looks good, but the menu isn't very visible, especially on smaller screens.
  18. Replaced background image.

    Edit: Going to be working on the website.
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  19. Still the same for me