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  1. Hey, I've been researching shared hosting options (or VPS hosting-- more comfortable with sticking to shared at the moment though) and I found a provider that I've never seen before on spigot. They're called rabbitnode, and I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with them?

    Their servers actually look pretty decent for the price, E3 1240v5 / E3 1270v6 cpus, $2.95 / gb. They even give SFTP access... not something that can be said for a lot of other hosts. Not sure about the other specs, but seems pretty good on paper. Even their website seems really clean & professional. Yet I've heard nothing about them except from this thread on minecraft forums...

    Are they worth looking into?

    Other hosts I've been considering: extravm, deluxenode, possibly titannode. But, I wanted to hear what people thought of this host in particular since I've heard nothing of them. :)
  2. I don't see any disclosure about their DDoS protection or servers (owned or not).
    Comparing $2.95 with other hosts these days it's not that cheap anymore and currently above average.

    Both are 4 core CPU's mean all customers are spread over only 4 cores, and spigot being single threaded doesn't change the fact that if just one server escalates a bit it can affect other customers.

    I'm not aware of any host not providing SFTP / FTP.

    I'm not sure about texts like.
    "Unbeatable hardware at this price point"

    At the end of the day, it's your decision, and I can only review what I can see from the outside, I don't know how their support or quality is.
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  3. Never even heard of them until now, and ye I'm not aware of any host not providing FTP or SFTP File Access.
  4. The last two shared hosts I've used haven't offered SFTP, only FTP. I'm aware the CPUs have less cores, however maybe they are smart with how they use them and only put a small number of servers on a single node. But I suppose there's no way to know that for sure. Which is why I was wondering if anyone has experience with them ;)

    $3/gb really isn't that expensive, I figure the additional cost might go to better support or something, idk. Back in the day $10/gb seemed so standard, that $3/gb seems totally acceptable to me. If anything it indicates to me that they don't cut corners with certain aspects of their hosting, but also it could just mean nothing.

    EDIT: Just noticed the questioning of their ddos protection, on their page they claim to offer protection up to 80 Gbps. DDoS protection isn't a big selling point to me so I didn't focus too much on that.
  5. That means they probably used Multicraft. And $3/GB isn't that expensive for me or maybe you but a lot of kids don't wanna pay that, and sure most hosts back in the day were more expensive but the industry has changed (for the worse).

    And the DDoS protection shouldn't be a huge selling point if your going to run a SMP or something like that.
  6. Well, lol.
    SFTP = FTP over SSH
    FTP = Normal FTP
    There is absolutely no way its different for you.

    There is for sure not a smart way on how they use the CPU.

    20 years ago a computer was also very expensive, stuff changes with time.
    In my opinion, you can get a better deal for a cheaper price, but then we still don't know their quality.

    Probably not to you but other servers on that Node who might be attacked, and 80 Gbps is really not that much, but that's probably all they can do in-house, its usually enough but nothing compared to for example 1660Gbps capacity of Voxility.
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    Open a ticket if you have any Q's. Plenty of reviews over the years on various sites. "laststop" code is 10% off recurring.
  8. I'd suggest TitanNodes if your in the need of VPS hosting, very friendly support and there a reliable host as well.
  9. Hello!

    I have decided now to venture into this forum and answer some of your questions.

    Yes, all servers are owned and provisioned by us.

    Currently, our review page on Trust Pilot is being built up however here is a link to that.

    Also after doing some comparison of the more known hosts we came out cheaper.

    If you have any more questions or if I missed any please either ask here or send me an email [email protected]


    Head Of Sales
  10. I think you need a carrot or two because you clearly have not seen prices of other others per GB.
  11. Which datacentre do you colocate your servers in? Also, who do you use for your DDoS mitigation?

    (Also, definitely not cheap btw)
  12. Hello,
    Compared to the hosts I compared us too so far yes we have come out cheaper.

    Hello, As can be seen in my previous messages we come out cheaper than the known hosting companies as can be seen above.

    Hello, We are located in Dallas (We recently moved our Minecraft hosting away from the data center listed on our website and this is pending an update in the near future).
    I am unsure as to who we use for DDoS Mitigation, however, I have asked and when I get given the information I will edit this post.

    Again keep the questions coming

    Head of Sales
    [email protected]
  13. You only used hosting companies with a super high price as they have a size and clearly target a younger audience, also they come with no innovation.

    I would suggest you take a look at this and show us a new picture of your doc.
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  14. $1 / GB on DeluxeNode on Ryzens is very nice ;)

    You haven't answered my question. I want to know in which datacentre that your staff have gone to and installed your server in. My guess would be Carrier-1.

    You don't even know basic details about your own service, NICE!
  15. The hosts we used are the generally more known hosts.

    You are the first person to ask me about DDoS Migration so sadly no I don't know the answer to everything Sorry about that.

    Also, the exact data center we use isn't something which we want to disclose if that's okay with you :)


    Head of Sales
    [email protected]
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  16. Hosts on that list are very well known.

    DDoS protection is an integral part of your service. You should know that.

    The datacentre isn't exactly private information. The only reason you wouldn't give it out is if you're lying. You're probably reselling OVH tbh.

    Mind giving out an IP that I can ping?
  17. If we were reselling OVH our prices would be way higher then we currently charge. We just chose not to give out details.
    I can give you an IP through you getting a server. (We offer 7 Day trials) which means you can try us out as a host.
    If you want to do that shoot me an email.

    The service we use for DDoS mitigation is not something that is regularly asked for as I previously stated so not a piece of information I have to hand.

    As I have said they are not the most well-known hosts and we wanted to compare to the bigger hosts that have survived the test of time.


    Head of Sales
    [email protected]
  18. $3 / mo is average price for OVH resellers.

    Can be easily determined if you give out an IP. No point in keeping it private.

    I have 4 boxes of my own, not switching to another host. Even if I did, I would go with a transparent and reputable company that actually knows what they are doing. Just give me an IP.

    Seriously? It's an integral part of the service.

    There's hosts there that own their own hardware. If you own your own hardware, you won't be going anywhere for a while.
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  19. I would recommend rabbitnode over anything else, I have tried so many shared hosts, and rabbitnode is the best. They have top notch support, usually replies under 5 minutes, and helped me solve problems from the first hour.

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