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  1. But... I love pie...

    any tl;dr why pi is bad? (& tau is gud)
  2. Don't change it. While tau is cool and (honestly) an easier way to learn it, pi is the standard. Everybody uses pi, and that's what everyone around here will end up learning in their math classes.
  3. In pretty much all of math about this kind of thing, we use the radius. Yet we use a ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumference. That leads to the awkward 2*pi*r (Or any operations that require you to double pi).
    Tau, being the ratio of the radius to the circumference is much better and more elegant in these scenarios, no awkward doubling of the constant
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  4. I see where you are coming from and I know what you mean. You have a good point. However, I'm afraid I must agree with @MeRPG, people are taught about PI in school, not Tau. People may already be more familiar with PI. Instead of introducing them to a whole new concept (Tau), I'd rather just show it to them using something they already know/have heard of. This also works better since people tend to learn something faster if it sounds familiar.

    You can use Tau if you're going to use this in Java, you'd just simply have to make a constant double called TAU which is equal to Math.PI * 2. If anyone wants to use it they can simply do that and replace all the "Math.PI * 2" stuff with TAU. With a little bit of insight that shouldn't be hard to think of.

    Thanks for your suggestion though! I like poeple like you, who actually give positive feedback or ways to potentially improve. :)
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  5. Change the title you only describe radians in relation to degrees and as a measure of an angle. Radians are useless when applied to the context of your tutorial. Radians primary purpose was to be used as a unit for angular measure. A common application is arc length, not to say this tutorial is useless but you definitely covered a specific context. I would suggest changing the title to "Relationship between Degrees and Radians".
  6. My tutorials are intended for use in relation to Bukkit and minecraft. The same goes for this tutorial, I wasn't planning on covering everything about radians, nor would this be the right place to post a tutorial like that IMO. I'll see what I'll do with the title though, you got a point. It's just that when making particle stuff in minecraft people should understand what Math#toRadians is for, that's basicly why I wrote this. I use that method in my other tutorials but never explained why, leading to this tutorial.
  7. I learned this when I was 12
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  8. gud 4 u? This is a tutorial to help others learn it?
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  9. So last week?
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  10. [​IMG]
    Lol, second tutorial today, EXTRA HYPE!!

    I always have known about Radians, I was just not sure on why or how I should use them. Thanks!
  11. Isn't it Tan?

    As in Sin, Cos & Tan? As in Sinus, Cosinus & Tangens?

    Or am I taking you the wrong way. We might call it something different in my language.
  12. lol, good roast :)
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  13. Those are mathematical operations, Tau is a different greek letter that (some) people use as the circle constant of a circle's circumference to its radius (or 2 * pi)
  14. Ah, misunderstanding then. My bad.
  15. Its actually Sine, Cosine, and Tangent. There's also Cosecant, Secant, and Cotangent.
    It's O.K. though. Some people from my calculus class last year didn't know that either.
  16. In my language we use SOS CAS TOA as a support to remember what each one is used for.

    SOS, CAS & TOA Sinus, Cosinus & Tangens in Dutch.
  17. Oh I see. Sorry!

    I'm just an ignorant American who knows one language. English.
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  18. What is pi? pi is the 'circle constant'. Ok, what's a circle? The reasonable definition is all points equidistant from a given point, the center. The distance being the radius. All math regarding circles, in some way, shape or form, deals with the radius (Unless you're an engineer and you care about diameter, but thats still 2 * r). The primary argument for using tau is that pi doesn't make sense for general use because it's the circumference divided by the diameter, where most people use the radius so we should be using tau because tau, or 2 * pi, is circumference to radius ratio.

    Historically, we use pi because the only direct measurement we can make on a circle is the diameter. To this day, in engineering we make measurements using the diameter (which is why engineering will always use pi). Okay, but there are so many equations that use 2pi, so why not just use tau instead? That's right in a sense, but there's an equal, if not greater amount of equations that just use pi. The classic counter-example is the euler formula. Why should we change our system to use e^(1/2 tau * i) + 1 = 0 (or e^(tau * i) - 1 = 0 ... where we lose the negative sign in the identity :( ) when we can continue to use pi, which makes it so much more appealing aesthetically and practically. Maybe it sounds like cherry-picking, since there are useful equations for tau.

    There are a lot of good arguments for both sides. A lot of the proponents for tau do it to be snobbish and act as if they have something better.. "oh look at this cool thing called tau you are a pleb for using pi". You gain as much as you lose for using tau vs pi, and there is no actual overhaul to the system.

    So lets talk about the issue in our context. If you have tau radians, which is an entire revolution, it puts us back where we started... it gets us nowhere at all (LUL). A unit shouldn't represent the whole "thing" (for lack of a better word). Pi is a unit, it's half of a revolution. It's very nuanced... with tau you would be always dividing by 360 instead of 180 (Yuck! Who would use that kind of a unit besides 12 year old call of duty trickshotters?). There's no actual tangible advantage to either method, so why not just use pi, which has been used for millennia? Tau will never replace the well-established pi. It's just too far ingrained. There's no point trying.

    TL;DR you have contributed nothing to this thread besides snobbiness because there's no point to switching to tau, especially in this context.

    Definitely useful tutorial! Was a Good read

    It's pronounced American. Get the language name right :D
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  19. This sounds like the arguments from the Numberphile pi v. tau throwdown, almost verbatim. Freebooting?
  20. Haven't seen such an article. sauce?