Spigot RadioPlayer | [1.7-1.12] 0.0.2

This RadioPlayer allows you to produce an automatic sound queue using my NoteSoundAPI

  1. Why is the NBS format music?Not really MID music,This is a bad thing
  2. What do you mean?
  3. See your introduction written in the midi file, playing the music in the game is nbs music to play out, do I understand the wrong midi file?
  4. Yep you actually do, its not possible to play directly midi files ingame they have to be converted to note block sounds that reads the midi informations and tries to reproduce the same sound with note block sounds.
    Midi Files are just the way to read the instrument that should be used to play, by now mojang does not even support half of the available instruments that exists.
    They recently added 4 new instruments that allows players to listen to some fancy new sounds ( different pitch values ).
    Also you may have seen the sentence "Midi File Only" that doesn't mean that you can play midi files ingame how they actually are, i just mentioned that you can't use like a .mp3 or .ogg format to convert the midi informations.
    "Midi = Musical Instrument Digital Interface"
    So what did you thought what "midi" would be?
    Also Midi Files are in Bits so there's no voice sound or what you may have thought
  5. Seen that video now, and all i can say that its still note block sounds (but for older mc versions) .
    There's nothing with playing directly midi files.

    To mention again, Midi is just a digital interface for instruments.
  6. Ok, thanks, already understand, look forward to your better update
  7. Just a quick question, where did you get the information that this doesn't uses midi files to be converted to note block sounds? xd
    Also on my NoteSoundAPI overview page there are several examples on the header as video so you can compare the music that is played from your plugin that you posted, to my resource plugin sounds.
  8. Podia ter um comando de on/off
  9. Not yet but will be added later this week
  10. This is Noteblock songs or..
  11. Yes