Spigot Rainbow Armour 1.7.2

The #1 Rainbow Armour Plugin!

  1. AHHHHH I can't take it off ;-;
  2. Whats going on?
  3. Once you have the auto armor permission you cannot turn it off
  4. You can type /ra armour to turn it off or take it off.
  5. You should probs add that to the main page
  6. Thanks, will do!
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  8. xtechgamer735 updated Rainbow Armour with a new update entry:


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  9. Can you add the feature to disable dropping of the Armour?
  10. When you do the /ra clear confirm command and relog the Armour comes back and if you replace it with like diamond Armour and relog it replace the diamond Armour with the rainbow Armour so if you could fix that then this plugin would actually have a purpose.
  11. I am unable to re create this issue. This is probably caused by server side lag or overload. I will add Disable Dropping to the features list but I do not have an ETA of its implementation.
  12. well its not just /ra clear either even when you take it off by hand it seems to come back on relog which makes this plugin pointless
  13. This confirms that you are having an extreme server overload at your end. I would recommend you either upgrade you server or lighten its load by removing plugin. Neither myself or anyone else is having the same issue which confirms this.
  14. yea blame the sever because you cant fix the issue I have no problems with lag or any problems with any other plugin just yours
  15. This is the probable cause of the issue - just because there is no lag does not mean the server is not overloaded. If you are willing to give me any helpful information regarding the problem then I am more than happy to help you.

    • Are you getting any "Can't Keep up!" messages?
    • Post some server specs...
    • Build of CraftBukkit/Spigot/Another...
    • Screen Captures of the problem...
    • Post config...
    If you are not willing to do this, then I would suggest you find another plugin as it works fine for everyone else...
  16. I'll just find a working plugin because almost any server I have ever seen there console says can't keep up even with no plugins and I dont see where lag cause your plugin to replace others Armour with the rainbow Armour.
  17. I think thats a good idea - hopefully it will work great!

    An overloaded server will do this, its overloaded! Perhaps try the plugin in a local server hosted on your pc (or one thats not overloaded). It will work fine there. Every server I have ever owned/managed has not said that because I have balanced the load properly. If it give you the message with no plugins then you clearly have a problem.

    You will see from the message that the server is running behind (old armour set) and when you replace it, the server will still be behind and update you with the old armour again. This is because the plugin is refreshing the armour constantly.

    A basic understanding of servers will fix your problem in no time. As I say, feel free to post some helpful information other than "This plugin doesn't work" and I have no problem helping.
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  19. xtechgamer735 updated Rainbow Armour with a new update entry:


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  20. Cool plugin, would be better if it checked if the player was wearing any armour first and give a warning saying "please remove existing armour", it would stop many players loosing diamond armour when they activate their Rainbow Armour...(check all 4 Armour slots)