Rainbow color!

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by iHolden, May 13, 2015.

  1. Hello!

    I am not the best in coding or creating plugins myself, I was wondering if someone knew of or could make a plugin that applies rainbow colors (&u) in chat & on signs! If someone could make this it would make my day :D

  2. Rainbow color as in a changing over time color in chat? Not sure that's possible. The Chatmessages that already got submitted can't really get edited.
  3. but &kaa is just a collection of symbols rotating through? If that can update in chat, can't &u?
  4. I think &k is build into bukkit /spigot /minecraft. For signs I could do it, but for the chat don't think so.
  5. That's different. The obfuscated color code is directly implemented in the Minecraft client.
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  6. Could you make it?
  7. As mattrick said, that's a client feature. Nothing we can do with a plugin. That's a server side edit. It can be done with forge or a custom client packet I believe, but that's way out of my reach.
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  8. Send me a pm please with everything. Sorry that this turns to hiding a developer.
  9. @iHolden just spam Player#sendSignChange with different colours, that allows you to get rainbow signs.
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  10. Look, You want rainbow and I want money that grows on trees, sadly neither of us are gonna get what we want cause its not built into the client.
  11. You can make a gold tree which drops gold bars on decay, or a regular tree which drops renamed paper which can be converted to money.

    Close enough.
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