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  1. On paper1.16.3, the leprechaun do not spawn
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  2. Maybe this also happens since one if the latest builds? I nenember all was working fine in the first paper 1.6.3 Builds maybe they have changed something in their code.
    For testing compare Paper Build 190 With Build 204... In build 190 it was working.

    Well but in result we need a fix for this. For your where its not spawning and for the rpg-banker NPC behavior too..
  3. I mean use/rp spawn *****
  4. That is normal. rp spawn just is for Showcase and spawns no Leprachun.
    The Leprachun just spawns on the random rainbows that spawn by your timer

    If you wish to have leprachuns with the spawn command then you need to ask the def to add this.

    By the way - this is not a bad idea :)

    I would suggest a new optinal var for the spawn command -
    /rp spawn <RainbowName> <Time> (lep)
    if var lep is set after the after the time then the defined leprachun will spawn at the end of the rainbow :)
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    v1.1.1 - Support for 1.16.3

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  6. Players have been requesting a couple of new features for the rainbows:
    - When a player finds a rainbow it will make an announcement
    - When a rainbow disappears it will also make an announcement

    I guess everyone is getting tired of going to locations that no longer have rainbows lol
  7. Hi, another feature being heavily requested by my players is that Rainbows and treasure chests respect griefprevention claims and don't spawn near them. A lot of players have been getting upset when they go to a rainbow or it's loot to find out its claimed.
  8. Hi developer. COOL PLUGIN ! May I forward it to ? (A Chinese Minecraft Forum) For sure, I won't give out the jar. The download link in my post will be your spigot link. Moreover, I will provide language translation.:D
  9. You may place it on mcbbs. Just like you said, make sure you do not place the jar on there under any circumstances and link back to the original Spigot page so people can purchase the plugin here. Also I'd like to receive a link to the page whenever it's ready so I can verify all of this.
    Thank you!
  10. Loving the plugin so far. One problem though is that I'm seeing a lot of Leps without rainbows in my world. I can't interact with them or kill them so i'm not sure what to do. I think they're left over from when a rainbow was there, and just haven't been removed, or maybe a server restart messed them up. Any info on how to remove them would be appreciated.
  11. Normally speaking, you this can only happen when the server crashes or is shut down roughly without doing /stop. There has been 1 occurence though where it happened in conjunction with another conflicting plugin, we have not yet determined which one this was.

    A way to delete them would be to do something along the lines of /minecraft:kill @e[type=minecraft:villager] but you might want to add a radius or something so you don't kill ALL the villagers on your server. If you need any further support or want to debug together I would recommend getting in touch via Discord as it's a bit easier for faster communication.

    Thank you :)
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  13. OliPulse updated RainbowsPro with a new update entry:


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  14. Is there any known issue where loot chests aren't generated? I can't seem to find any loot from the maps, unless I'm misreading the depth
  15. Hey, I believe they should be generating. There is a random offset to the treasure coordinates, are you taking that in to account? Also 'depth' can be deceptive when there's a lot of trees around, since it starts counting from the 'highest block' downwards.

    Feel free to join the Discord and we'll figure it out together.
  16. OliPulse updated RainbowsPro with a new update entry:

    v1.1.6 - Support for 1.17.1

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  17. Hello. There is a bug in the plugin. when a sprite appears, players who use the clicker to quickly click on the sprite have a chance to get multiple treasure maps!
    Also. Is an additional announcement being considered? Who got this rainbow
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