Spigot Raining Mobs 1.2

Make it rain!

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    Raining Mobs - Make it rain!

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  2. Could you add the ability to add a world instead of individual players? Like /rainmobs world <world>. Then it will rain mobs on every player in that world. This plugin would be awesome for bloodmoon events!
  3. I will look into that!
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    Added world mode!

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  5. Great plugin @nktfh100 ! Congratulations! Would it be possible for you in case you have time, to add configurable item raining too? Thanks!

    EDIT: where do the players name are being stored? Would it be possible to add something to delete automatically the names from that database? otherwise I suppose that list would grow infinitely. Thanks!

    EDIT2: can you make that mobs don't fall over water? thanks!
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