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  1. So I need to host 4 Minecraft servers on my VPS. The VPS is a node on a pterodactyl panel that my friend is hosting. I want to dedicated 750mb - 1gb of ram to the websites I'm hosting on it. My VPS is a 4gb of ram VPS.

    So this is my current configuration:

    500mb - BungeeCord Server
    500mb - VERY SMALL Hub server
    2gb - Main Spigot Server

    My (different) friend has another VPS which will host the other servers in the network.

    MAIN QUESTION: Is there anything I can improve about my current configuration, RAM wise? Please don't talk about my CPU, or anything other than RAM.
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    A vps running a BungeeCord network would be great for a few friends... only.
  3. That's really vague, could you elaborate? Why could a few friends... only be on the server?
  4. Here is my opinion on this:
    • Bungeecord server with 500MB ram is more than enough. (I suggest changing it to waterfall, you can get around with 256MB too)
    • Hub server with 500MB is okay, depends on your plugins to be honest.
    • You 2GB main spigot server may be the problem. It really depends on you plugins and the concurrent players your are expecting in your server.
    Sorry to say something about CPU, but it really matters. If your CPU is good enough and hopefully you have 2 cores, you can get around with this setup for both, the websites and the Minecraft server. It really matters on the amount of cores and your CPU to be honest.
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  5. I’ve changed it to what you said and upped the main server to 2.75 GB.
  6. The CPU is just as important as the amount of RAM. Just saying.
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