Solved RAM Auth server?

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  1. Hello, tomorrow I want to open my server.

    I decided to create Bungeecord for best security. So now go to the topic. I want to know how much RAM I should give my Auth server aka Lobby/Hub because if I do whitelist off then all players join the server and i don't want high server load. It has Protocollib, Skinsrestorer and Authme plugin for register and login. That means if player did register or login will be teleported to main server. (I did set it in my config.yml). The server should not have too much RAM because it is only Auth server and players will don't play there. I did set the border to 5, mobs and other entitys all to Off. Another world off too. My main server has 200 slots. But I know only that 100 should join. I think 50 slots could be good for auth server.

    PS. The spawn for auth server is Barrier blocks in air world. It is 2 blocks up and 1 block that player can't run and jump or something else.
  2. I think it's best to experiment by allocating different ram amounts and seeing what's happening, it's hard to predict ram needs.
  3. Hello, in principle we don't know the traffic your server may have
    In my case I don't use auth server
    I have two lobbies with auth
    you also have to keep in mind that lobbies need to be well protected against all kinds of attacks
    I have 4gb of ram with a capacity of 300 players which adds a total of 600 players
    recommended plugins✪-superlobbydeluxe-1-8-8-1-15-x-✪.20400/
    this plugin is very important to balance the lobbies