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  1. Hello doods

    Does the size of a certain plugin equals to the amount of ram used ?
    What do you think people ? ;)
  2. Of course it does.
  3. 4chan


    the larger the plugins the less ram you need

  4. No. I could write a plugin with one effective line of code which uses up all your servers memory, or a 100MB plugin which never uses more memory than what the JVM requires to keep the code itself in memory (which you won't get around).
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  5. As a general rule of thumb, a plugin which does more will use more RAM.
  6. I'd like to see some statistics and benchmarks of this, as this is an established misconception in general CS.
  7. It only stands to reason a plugin writing I/O, running database queries and teleporting players will use more resources than a plugin which on a command returns a meesage hard coded into it.
  8. So small plugins are single commands which returns a message, got it.
  9. If you don't count that as a small plugin I'd really love to see your idea of a small plugin.

    You have said that the amount of RAM used by the plugin is completely irrespective of the functionality of the plugin so in effect; the amount of RAM used could be considered random as you have provided no contributing factors for RAM usage.
  10. Not really. It depends what the plugin does. You can get advanced, large file size, inefficient plugins and you can get efficient, small file size, advanced plugins. Some basic ones can be poorly coded and less efficient with a smaller file size and use up more RAM.

    So no, that's not a good indicator of RAM usage and shouldn't be relied on.
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