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    Hi guys, I have a kit pvp server called PvpFest. It has an obvious RAM leak and I can't seem to figure it out. It's not awful, but the server does require restarts often not to lag because of the leak.

    The server player count is almost always 150/150

    The server has 4GB RAM

    The server has these plugins:
    AutoMessage, BuyCraft, CleanChat, ClearLag, CombatTag, Creeperheal, CustomCommands, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, GAListener, Hidestream, LinksonSigns, HealthBars (Custom), NocheatPlus, PermissionsEx, PvpTimer, Pwnfilter, RankMarket, SecretPotions, TimTheEnchanter, Vault, Votifier, WhatisIt, WorldBorder, Booscooldowns, Floauction, Worledit, and Worldguard

    These plugins could not be the issue because they were installed after the ongoing RAM leak:

    HealthBars, GAListener, CustomCommads, FloAuction

    You might be thinking that 4 GB RAM is too little for 150 players, but I am pretty sure that's not the issue. The server has this RAM leak no matter how many players are on, and the server has basically NO intensive activity. Everyone is in a small glass dome loading the same chunks, no one can break blocks, there's no liquid flow or block physics due to the type of server, and there's never more than 200 mobs or entities.

    Basically this is what happens:

    After a restart (with 150 on), the server looks somewhat like this:
    4000MB Max
    750MB Allocated
    300MB Free

    After about an hour...
    4000MB Max
    2500 Allocated
    1400 Free
    And the free amount will drain 100MB per second then get moved back up to about 1.5GB due to the garbage collector, this is the only server I have that's RAM numbers change so quickly.

    So after about 6 hours:
    4000MB Max
    4000MB Allocated
    300MB Free
    And that's where it starts lagging and needs a restart, it's quite upsetting.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out this RAM leak, thanks.
  2. CollinPotato try getting of ClearLag maybe? On spigot, imo, there is very little lag in the first place, so it seems like a useless plugin.

    Other than that, my guess is that you'll just need to check every plugin individually
  3. ClearLag removes all item entities every so often, not needed, but if he wants it, it won't affect performance much.

    But other than that, we need more information. Things like such don't just happen without something somewhere telling you. We need more information on the scenario. Timings can tell us much more and we should be able to pinpoint what is happening.
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    hcherndon How is the timings command used the information from it gathered?
  5. In game do, /timings on, wait a few minutes, (To let it gather data, 10 - 15 minutes), then use /timings paste. It will give you a link to aikar.co/timings.php?url=#######, go there, it will give a display of your recent timings. Copy the link from your browser URL bar, paste it here so we can analyze it.
  6. But of course make sure to do this when you are having a lagfest.
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  7. Keep in mind this can only occur at a sausagefest.
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  9. I don't see anything that would be causing an actual RAM leak, but as for you plugins, look at updating Votifier, and GAListener.
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    hcherndon I am on the latest versions of Votifer and GAListener. Today I found out that the problem isn't a RAM leak - the server simply starts lagging badly if it has been running for more than about 6 hours. This isn't normal, none of my other servers do this. It's also a pain to have to restart it so often. Any ideas?
  11. Next restart, watch the startup and watch for when a plugin takes a while to load.
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    hcherndon Booscooldowns took a while to load
  13. Hello, why is the server down, it's one of my favorite servers, and I'm a 80 dollar donor, and I was going to donate for 5 star General today, but I don't want to waste my money if the server is going to shut down or something?
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    KoomaGaming The server is not down. You seem to be a false positive. What is your IP address? You can find this at whatsmyip.org
  15. my IP is
  16. I'm an 80 dollar donor, and I really want to play D:, I'm also having a problem on the server, when I try to enter/go on the "Vine Tower", it says "You do not have permission for this area", do you know what could be corrupting my permissions with PermissionsEx? WorldGuard? Something?
  17. This thread is about fixing the lag, not in game problems. If you have in game issues with PvPFest then PM CollinPotato.​
  18. I figured out the issue with Booscooldowns. Other people have been having this issue including me. What causes the lag with Booscooldowns is their save process. You can fix this issue by editting it in the config and making 0. This will make the plugin save only on restart. Cooldowns, warmups, and limits still work fine.
  19. As you may see the server is having some kind or problems. Please wait for the fix to come and im sure as hell that the owner is fixing it as fast as he can.
  20. Can't get on again :mad: OMG, I'm so mad