Ram problem?

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  1. I have a dedicative E3-SSD-3 sys 30gb ram and i use multicraft. On control panel sys i see the ram on 94% here the top.
    My question is why the servers use more ram than i give in mutlticraft? example mc4 is my faction server:
    Auto save world server status (faction server mc4)
    Disk usage: 32.00% (36/110 GB)
    Memory usage: 87.00% (4373/5003 MB)
    Cpu usage: 12.73%

    And i see many times on top the faction server (mc4) use 9gb ram, is that normal?


    Factions server timings http://timings.aikar.co/?url=11290171
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  2. 17.6% of 30GB is 5.1 GB? You gave it 5.12 GB of RAM and 5.1 < 5.12, seems normal. I have no idea what you are talking about :p

    EDIT: NVM, look at the %MEM column, not the VIRT column.
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  3. Because its multicrap.
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