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  1. Hi all!

    I have created a server a long time ago and due to a load of sparetime now we have restarted the project, I have a bit of basic knowledge about RAM but not exactly about the usage in my server. The usage right now looks like this:
    Schermopname (56).png
    I am wondering why it grows up to about 1g and then jumps back to about 400mb. My guess is that it saves the temporary data from the RAM into the SSD, is this right? And if so is there a way to make it lower like saving it more often?
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    It doesn't go lower because of saving, it's the Java Garbage Collector cleaning up unnecessary data from the memory. You can tweak that with startup arguments but unless you are seeing performance issues due to it that shouldn't be necessary. (And if you don't want it to consume as much ram simply don't give it as much in your startup arguments. Java will simple take as much ram as you give it and try to work with that)