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  1. Im planning to have a minigames server. With SkyWars, SurvivalGames, Practice, TheBridge and etc...
    I have 5.5 GB RAM on the server. Will it work? I dont have plans to add much much plugins. Just the plugins that are needed for the server. And im planning to have like 100 - 150 players. maybe more.
    Will it work?
  2. How much players will you have in the beginning of your server?

    Because if you start with none, then it is useless to invest money in a 'network'. I would rather focus on one gamemode.
  3. I've always thought a standard like 50MB per player was good to go by. By that standard, you'd be low on memory for 150 players. Do you already have a community, or is this a brand new server?
  4. Lately I have seen posts from people saying it's about 8gb per 100 concurrent players with 25 to 50 plugins.
  5. I have a network with about 600 players, and my lobby runs fine with 4GB Ram and about 4 Plugins
  6. Hello!

    That is the best way to have a Network in conditions, to have a Core for each modality (obviously well developed) to avoid loading so many plugins. Good development hehe!

    An Alx Greeting ^
  7. Wow ... if we make the right ones the account would miss a lot of RAM.

    BungeeCord: 1GB
    AuthLobbies: 2GB
    Lobbies: 4GB
    Lobby of the modality: XGB
    Servers of the modality: XGB

    Obviously everything depends on how you have everything done, and the plugins you have (well developed or not). But I assure you that with so few GB of ram, it is more likely that with 50 people the server will fall :(.

    Any other recommendation do not hesitate to comment!
  8. I maked my server 8.5 GB ? Is that good? I dont think of maaaany players from now. Maybe 50 - 100 peoples? Not too many games/plugins.
    Like for now i want to have only Practice maybe in the future SkyWars. Is that good for now? For now im on 8.5 GB
  9. Yes, and when you get performance issues, find out first what the bottleneck is. Most servers benefit from improving their CPU over RAM.
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  10. I was always informed that 1GB per 10 players is roughly fine - Just to ensure you're not going to kill your server, because World Generation, plugins, etc will also need a bit of RAM too - But you should never need more than, say, 12GB RAM.

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