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  1. How much ram can a spigot server take before it starts to turn into a negative effect.
  2. If the server uses much more ram than are alloced its starting lag. If you server is 1GB and your plugins/maps used 3GB the server certain will lag a lot
  3. im talking about if i give minecraft 20Gb of ram will it help or hurt
  4. Servers don’t have the same garbage collection problems as clients do. Allocating a lot of RAM to the server shouldn’t have any negative effect.

    When it comes to servers, the more RAM you allocate, the better. 20 GB is an extreme amount, though.

    However, if you’re hosting the server on your own machine, you need to make sure that you have enough RAM to run the OS and other applications; and, if you’re playing the game on the same computer, also make sure that you’ve enough RAM to also run the game. :coffee:
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  5. It wouldn't hurt, but wouldn't be necessary either depending on what type of server you're planning to do.
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  6. What a load of *** so far!

    Computing 101, resources allocated to an Operating System, require to be refreshed, hence CPU cycles are used to perform the task.

    Allocated RAM values should be adapted to your requirements.

    Also :
    I saw somewhere on the main Wiki that using more than 10 Gigabytes is not recommended for a Minecraft server whilst using Java 8
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  7. You can definitely use more than 10 Gigabytes if you want to, it won't affect your performance in a negative way though. The thing is your CPU is ALMOST more important than the ram.
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  8. If you are hosting the server locally, just make sure you’ve enough free RAM for the OS and other apps, and you can allocate as much RAM as you want to the server. Too much RAM is never a bad thing when it comes to servers. You always want to have more RAM available than you expect to use, just in case.

    20 GB is too much for most kind of servers, though. It won’t cause performance issues, but it’s most likely a waste of resources. :coffee:
  9. Unless ur running a company's worth of machines you don't need even 10 GB. 1 GB is generally enough for a server with no plugins and barely any players.
    2 GB is enough for a server with few plugins
    I allocate about 5 GB into my server that I run locally. Together with my Minecraft.
  10. You wouldn't just lag in this case. Your server would crash with an OutOfMemoryException.
    You certainly could use up to as much RAM as you have, with a little foot room for the OS, but the more memory you have in use then the longer garbage collection will take. That could result in noticeable lag spikes in-game when garbage collection occurs.
    You're contradicting yourself, lol. "Too much RAM is never a bad thing" -> "20GB is too much for most kind of servers, though... it's most likely a waste of resources". And yes, allocating unnecessary amounts of RAM can cause performance issues for the reason I mentioned above.
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  11. If you have more than 20GB of RAM installed on your server, it won't hurt at all.
    If you don't already have atleast 20GB of RAM, don't. This will break something.
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  12. I don't know about the theoretical limits of RAM for Spigot, but I do know that more allocated RAM could result in longer garbage collection times (I'm not exactly sure how memory management works in most JVMs, so don't harass me). It's a compromise. If you're running a server, you should figure out the minimum RAM you need, and then maybe add a bit more to that to give yourself some breathing room.
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  13. It shouldn't have a negative effect unless you are over-allocating your RAM. You said you want to add 20GB of RAM to your server, and you should be able to as long as you have that much RAM. Now if you only have 16GB or less than over-allocating will start to damage the server and files will become corrupted and the server will most likely crash constantly if it can even startup. Now if you have enough RAM but are using the computer for other things too, you may not even have enough RAM or just enough RAM and it will make your entire computer slow because you are using every GB of RAM you have. This will lag your PC and the server. Only use the amount of RAM your server actually needs. If you have a smaller server, use less RAM. If you have a small server and add 20GB of RAM, you aren't going to see any improvement then if you added a GB more than you need for the server since it already has enough to run. Don't give your server a bunch of RAM that it doesn't need. Upgrade the allocation as the server gets larger and needs it. Also, can you give me the address to the server so I can check it out? It could help me tell you how much you actually need and you will gain an extra player.
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  15. Really, you can use an infinite amount of ram. Like I bought a server with 96GB of ram and blew up millions of tnt. No lag ‍♂️ Might’ve just been the server software though (I tested taco and a couple others). Most big servers like factions and prison servers only use a max of like 12-24. I would say never use more than 16. I know what you mean though with your question and the answer is, I don’t know. My best guess is 16. If you’re using a full 16GB of ram actively with players, I don’t think the server would operate as normal. You’d probably start to see entity lag. ‍♂️
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