Ramdisk or SSD for world/ & plugins/ ?

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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering, should i use simply a SSD or a Ramdisk?
    The SSD is a 2X (Raid 1) Intel SSD 320.
    Ramdisk is on a 32 Go DDR3.

    Ramdisk need regular backup as its reset on hardware reboot/crash.

    Do you have any feedback?
    Does their is know issues with on of this way?

    Ps: World are size limited, their is enough space for them in Ram.
  2. I would recommend the SSD as they have good performance and you dont have all the faffing around that a Ramdisk has.
  3. What mean "faffing"?
  4. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Slang for messing around with.
  5. ok thx, true that Ramdisk are a little pain in the ass ^^
    While using SSD&minecraft, do you advice a world map size limitation? (Good until a number amout of file or Gb?)
  6. I set world borders on all my worlds. I usually set it to 10,000 blocks radius to give players plenty of space for exploring. The size for a map like that would be around 3-4GB. If your using the world border plugin you can set the world limit with commands to make it perfect for your SSD space.
  7. jtaylor69

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    Depends on the SSD size.
    I have mine in a RAID, originally 240Gb but now have 120Gb.
    Survival server's world is huge, it's a 9 month old map so it's been explored lots and weights in at nearly 8Gb.
  8. joehot200


    I am same, i am on 120GB as well, and my map is 7.9GB or something like that.

    Except for WorldBorder, anyone got an idea on reducing the size of the world folder?
  9. jtaylor69

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    Get to bed Joe you have school!

    The only thing you can reduce is old player.dat files, which are relatively small in size anyway.
    Otherwise it's trimming with world border, but you risk removing player's builds.
  10. joehot200


    I do not go to school :D

    And, ok..... D: :(
    Ill set border to 30000, but i doubt that will do much good.
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