Spigot RampenDrills 4.5.0-Beta

Add automated mining to your server!

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    RampenDrills - Automated mining in 1.9!

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  2. you should remake all the Machina craft machines!
  3. Some of them seem kinda complicated, So Im not sure I'll be able to do it. And I probably wont do all of them, but I'll try look into it.
  4. I have added the permission for admins to be able to have multiple drills and it is still saying you are not allowed to have another drill. Why is this?
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  5. Does your admins have the '*' permission? In that case, you would need to add negative perms for the earlier limits, as it just checks for the first limit permission it finds, starting at 1.

    Or do they inherit the first limit from another rank?

    If its not that, please post or send me a PM with your config.
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  6. i'm trying to use this plugin on a 1.10 server but nothing happens when i use the /drill tool command
  7. Are you running the latest spigot build? Works for me on the latest version.
    Keep in mind it does not send you a message when doing it, it just gives you the tool. (Wooden hoe).
  8. OMG. Ive been waiting for an updated MachinaDrill forever.
  9. I will check again later, i've noticed that doesn't give any message but also doesn't give the tool.
    I have compiled again the spigot and i will check later if it's working now
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  10. Latest version of the drills now sends a message on /drill tool, so if it doesnt work after updating spigot you could try that.
  11. i've tested again and still no luck, i heven have compiled the spigot again just to make sure...

    [16:21:51 INFO]: This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-3ccadba-fb568fd (MC: 1.10) (Implementing API version 1.10-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    [16:21:51 INFO]: You are running the latest version

    i use the command /drill tool but i don't get any message and no tool at all
  12. Are you getting any errors in console?
    Does just doing /drill do anything? try some of the alises (/drills, /rdrill, /rdrills).
    Do you have the permission "rampen.drills.tool" ?
  13. I don't get any error in the console, and yes if i use the /drill command only it gives the info message.
    How can i see if i have the "rampen.drills.tool" permission? never had to see that kind of stuff :p
  14. I'll assume you're not running a permission plugin like pex or similar then?

    Give me a bit, I'll make all permissions default to OP instead of none, and make sure it all works. Shouldnt take long.
  15. Yeah, not using any permission plugin at the moment.
  16. Good for my server i have acid Island verry good