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  1. Hey, I'm having an issue with permissions, I tried everything I could think of but players that aren't op can't use the drills it says "You are not allowed to have another drill" even if they have never used a drill, I tried setting the drill limit, I even put it to 100 but it won't let me.
    btw im using luckperms.
  2. The limit permissions require all the previous ones as well, so rampen.drills.limit.4 also require them to have rampen.drills.limit.3 and 2 and 1.

    In LuckPerms, you can use shorthand permissions to give these as one node, with rampen.drills.limit.(1-4) exactly as written. More information on that here: https://luckperms.net/wiki/Advanced-Setup#shorthand-permissions
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  3. hi ! maybe future can
    1. auto place torch
    2. use big box
    3. auto block lava or water (like make a tunnel)
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  4. 1. Already a thing, do "/drill pattern torches" before starting the drill, with gold blocks on the side instead of iron. You can add or modify the patterns in the config.
    2. Hmm
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  5. How do you get the vertical drill to go back up again when mining down?
  6. The vertical drill only moves down, it does not go back up again.
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    Double chests, improved permissions & bugfix

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  8. Hello, I am a novice coder and I was very interested in your plugin, namely the creation of drills itself, could you provide the source code of this plugin, I would be very grateful!
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    paper bugfix

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  10. Small question, I'm using the latest version, and when I use the large drill with torches pattern without fuel and 5 blocks wide, the double chest empties every step the drill makes. Oh and move through lava.

    Is this an config issue of mine?

    Cheers, Starf0x
  11. Forgot to mention I'm using the latest version of Chestsort.
  12. I seem to remember this being an issue on certain older versions of paper, so you could try updating that if you're running an old version.

    If that doesn't help, what spigot version are you running exactly? and can you send me your entire drill config so I can test it?
    as no config issue should ever cause the chest to empty when moving, and even when I try to copy the setup you mentioned on my test server it is working just fine, no items disappearing.
  13. Hello!
    How can I make so that it doesnt use up a whole lot of coal, so that it doesnt need another stack of coal every minute?
  14. In the drills section of the config you'll find this:
    Code (YAML):

    : 600
    which is how much fuel it uses when it moves.
    For reference, coal is worth 1600 by default.

    Then, go to the DrillsHeads section in the config. There, under each drillhead, you'll find these options:
    Code (YAML):
       # The fuel modifier for moving.
    : 1.2
        # How much fuel digging 1 block costs.
    : 12
    The FuelModifier is used to multiply the OnMove cost, which for the emerald drillhead would cause it to use 720 when it moves by default.

    To make it use less fuel, you'd just change those numbers to something lower.
    You can also turn off the requirement for fuel, by setting RequireFuel to false.
  15. what about the ender chest and the coal for the oven?
  16. Hi, thank you for this fantastic plugin! I have a couple of questions about the config:
    For the drill heads, can any of these be set to zero: FuelModifier, DigFuelCost, NormalDelay, LongDelay?
    Can DigFuelCost be a decimal?

    I don't want to break the plugin with zeros, but they'd be a helpful option in some cases.
  17. Another technical question about timing, when it mines air blocks it will take 2 ticks per block before doing the gravel check and move delay. If there were a block to mine, does it still take these 2 ticks in addition to adding the block delay? Or are those two ticks subtracted from the block delay?

    Thank you!
  18. I did a bunch of testing today, digging stone and air, and I found that DigFuelCost is locked at 10 for stone (and I presume by extension, 'normal' blocks), and when digging air it costs 1 per air block. This is on top of the normal cost of time.
    So for those trying to calibrate your configuration for specific fuel usage, use 10 for the DigFuelCost and it seems to give you accurate results.
    The NormalDelay can be set to 0 if you want, so can the MoveDelay, though I recommend keeping a GravelWaitDelay. I set my gravel delay to 40 and MoveDelay to 0 though I may reduce the gravel delay. I'm just paranoid of it stopping in lava because of a piece of gravel.

    My config is in flux while I try to find good balance, but my philosophy is to incentivize the player to upgrade rather than making the better drill cost more fuel overall. I've reduced the fuel usage overall with purpur block being the fastest and most efficient drill.
  19. Here's today's configuration:


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