Random Chunks Regenerating

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by d1m0a1n, May 14, 2016.

  1. Sometimes when my server is restarted, random chunks roll back multiple hours. I've seen no errors in console about this, and it just started happening. I make sure to /save-all before restarting. It doesnt happen on every restart.


    Plugin List: Plugins (81): SimpleBroadcast, cBlocked, GroupManager, PlaceholderAPI, DeluxeCommands, EnchantsPlus, ChatReaction, SuperTrails, ViaVersion, LiveTweak, StopPushing, CoreProtect, icJukeBox, WorldEdit, FrameProtect, BountifulAPI, CrackShot, WorldBorder, BuycraftX, Votifier, Multiverse-Core, ProtocolLib, DPTime, NoCheatPlus, GuiRedeemMCMMO, dtlCore, AdvanceTab, React, FeatherBoard, CommandCooldown, mcMMO, ServerListPlus, GAListener, Vault, MassiveCore, SimpleRename, HolographicDisplays, DailyBonus, PlayerPoints, WorldGuard, MCDrugsPolice, AuctionHouse, ChestCommands, DoubleOrNothing, ProtectionLib, EditableSign, RandomTeleport, PlayerVaults, ServerSigns, MineSync, EZRanksPro, ExpBank, HolographicScoreboard, RunesEnchant, AreaShop, Essentials, Jobs, mwParkour2, LiteBans, CrateReloaded, KoTH, WhatIsIt, Citizens, TradeMe, KitPreview, EssentialsChat, SkillStop, JLib, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, ChestShop, Factions, EssentialsProtect, FurnitureLib, EssentialsSpawn, FactionsTax, ChatUploader, SilkSpawners, DeluxeChat, dtlTraders, CS-CoreLib, DiceFurniture
  2. See, I had this problem before on my server and it got BAD. Where the land would progressively get worse with chunks (i.e. Chunks floating in the air, chunks misplacing itself, chunks from other places ending up somewhere else.) Usually what the issue is either a coreprotect issue or a bad seed. If you're not seeing anything in the console then it's probably a bad seed.
  3. It's not got to the point yet where it's complete chunk failure/corruption, it just seems to not be saving them correctly. In the photo, you can see that there's some fence in the chunk that rolled back. That was built last night, but today the chunk reverted to that.
  4. There is no such thing as a "Bad seed", that is logically impossible.

    It would be a glitch with a plugin that modifies chunk generation or handles backups. Definitely not WorldEdit or WorldGuard, maybe Coreprotect and/or multiverse (interacting badly? are the chunks from the same world?)
  5. I've removed CoreProtect, I'll see if it happens again.