Solved Random Chunks Rolling Back On Restart

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  1. My server has an issue where random chunks seem to roll back on restart, for variable lengths.

    Below I've attached a screenshot of my plugins and a screenshot of the largest series of error/warn messages I get during the restart process. It should be noted that these were the only significant warn/error messages that come up on restart. The server is running on 3 SSDs, the partition is only 11% full.


    What are some possible causes of this?

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  2. It appears that the rollbacks aren't as random as we originally thought. Although wide spread, there does appear to be a variety of specific chunks that rollback on restart.
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  3. Rusty,

    I ran it through region fixer. This fixed the problem for about one day, and now the problem has relapsed.

    Dynmap recently made an update to their plugin that changes how it handles chunks. We are currently doing a Dynmap full render. Do you think this could possibly affect it, or is it likely something else?
  4. I updated my server to Dynmap v2.3-alpha-2 not too long ago and I haven't had any issues.