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Solved Random Crashes, no Logs.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Chalkie, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Hoping to get some help on a problem that has been on my server since 1.4.6.

    • The server randomly crashes with no logs provided (Server log or crash log).
    • No increase in resources used (CPU/Ram) Causing the crashes.
    • Happens with random amount of players on 50-90.
    • Updated all plugins, to their latest builds (including dev if available)
    • Tried 3 -4 different Dev builds of spigot. Happens on all of them.
    • The crash causes rollbacks, so /save-all are scheduled every 5 minutes hoping to lower the lose of peoples work.
    • The crash is sometimes accompanied with a server freeze. I believe this is by product of the crash not the source since it only happens sometime. Most times it is an instant crash with all users being kicked.
    • Only things that show up in console when it happens is Connection reset and Read timeout.
    • Server maintains 20TPS 50-90. So it does not seem be to due the server overloaded.
    Pastebin of WG report below. http://pastebin.com/sZ5k7gxy
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Get a thread dump when it freezes.
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  3. Uhh Ill try to, I am not on 24/7 and the last 5 crashes have not frozen. Just crashed/stopped server.
  4. If they crashed the server there would be a crash log. I'd like that too.
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  5. Sorry, this was not a problem the spigot software or plugins but a mistake my end for over allocating to much ram to Java. Doing so caused OOM to kill the process when the server was busy and had started eating into the 256MBs of systems ram. I was able to confirm this theory when comparing crash timestamps with the ones found in log/messages.

    Sorry for wasting your time mbaxter and thank you for trying to help, I should have considered OOM due to the nature of the "crashes", but I did not until today.
  6. I do know this is necroing, but rather go off a post that was solved.

    I believe I have the same error, but I just get it saying that the server has stopped. No one intiated it in console or in game.

    If you look at the 11th line from top, it just randomly says stopping server, and it freezes. I have to kill it VIA signal in order for it to start up again. Is this for a fact I have to much RAM? I allocated 20GB for the server as I felt it wasn't enough RAM which was why it kept freezing.

    Could this be a product of DynMap? We never were able to fully render the maps, freezes basically reset them.
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  7. Exactly same thing, please post it if you find whats wrong.

    Thnx in advance :)
  8. Still no help or any clue on what to do :L