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  1. 62gbps, that is insane. How do you even achieve that?
  2. I sure hope you are kidding right?
  3. To be honest, this is nice information. Helps to make a choice with how much protection to go with.

    Last time I spoke with someone from SS they said that outside of gameservers, DDoS attacks are always less than 1 Gbps but within the gameserver community, you get some atrociously big or tricky attacks. Though he was unable to comment on the size of them due to company policy.

    So, good to know :)
  4. I think Adam means it'd have to pass through their Arbor devices, which wouldn't be able to support the ammount of internal traffic OVH deals with, along with the external traffic.
  5. ...I'm just going to leave.
  6. Maybe. There's a difference between saying "devices" and talking about their specific traffic analyzing devices. A router is a device, and any internal traffic in OVH will be passing through several routers.
    Go ahead.
  7. When saying "devices" I was referring to mitigation appliances, I thought that was implied, anybody with a brain knows that it runs through their switches, routers, etc.
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  8. OVH is quite a company.
  9. Traffic doesn't always need to flow through their devices that scrub bad traffic. That's pretty much why OVH's protection is so cheap. Yes, they analyze traffic but they do a 1/2000 sampling of traffic IIRC. They could adjust this is they chose to analyze internal traffic and decided that a 1/2000 sample would be too much data to analyze. Back to my other point, unless you're on permanent mitigation(which is big in the Minecraft community, but likely not as big for OVH's other customers), none of your traffic flows through their VAC system until they detect an attack. Their VAC system is definitely a bottle neck and they can't just push all their internal traffic through it. However, I have not seen any figures for how much traffic they can analyze(not filter).
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  11. What is the point of this thread beside you advertising your DDoS mitigation?
  12. I'm pretty sure everybody was already pretty hyped about ReliableSite's free protection, there wasn't really a need for them to advertise it even more, he was probably just posting interesting information, something many people on Spigot's forums haven't seen, DDoS traffic information towards a datacenter/dedicated server provider.
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    Mike mentioned the same thing earlier, the posts were deleted earlier. This thread was not intended to be about our DDoS protection, it was a purely informational thread. The DDoS protection that we advertise standard is typically more than what the standard Minecraft server receives.