Spigot Random Death Messages 1.3.4

Random, custom death messages! Supports MythicMobs!

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    Random Death Messages - Random, custom death messages!

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    Mucho fixes, commands

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  3. Hello @gominecraft, the fall messages are not working for me:

    [RandomDeathMessages] No key found for FALL - (Environment - possibly)

    Edit: Seems that none of the "environment.yml" messages are working.
    The other messages are working
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  4. Interesting. Local testing shows it functional. Do you have the latest version?
  5. Welp, that's embarrassing. I had an old version on my staging server.

    New version popping out shortly with a fix.
  6. Russian translation.
    Author NVR, from fairserver.ru

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  7. Thanks a ton, Solder! I'll add this and post it soon!
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