Random int in range [solved]

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  1. I want to make the int XCoord be random between min and max, however I can not figure out how to make it work.

    Code (Text):
    Random randomNo = new Random();
    int XCoord = randomNo.nextInt(min-max);
    This is very wrong, how do I do it right?

    Also it needs to work with negative numbers

    to clarify I am trying to choose a coordinate between min and max, and as in minecraft coordinates can be positive or negative
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  2. Random#nextInt(int n) generates a random value from 0 to n-1. If you want it to be negative, just multiply by negative 1. Also, this value should be assigned to the int primative type, not the Integer wrapper class.
  3. not quite what I want as I want the number i get to bet between min and max, and min and/or max can be negative, as this is generating a minecraft coordinate

    I am also not sure if I am anywhere near right with my code, so if there is a better way to get random numbers then that is what i want.
  4. Code (Text):
    int max = 5000;
    int min = max * 2;

    Random r = new Random();

    int randomNum = r.nextInt(max) - min;
    This might work, I am very tired and on my phone, so it could be wrong.
  5. I don't think this allows me to set the minimum separately to the maximum
  6. Oh I thought you wanted something like -5000 to 5000
  7. sorry, I want it to be anything to anything

    eg. -3455 to 4556
    434565 to 34543454532
    -34 to -4
  8. Try

    Code (Text):
    int rand = random.nextInt(max - min) + min;
  9. The first answer will work fine. You can literally use that exact method and it'll work fine for you :)
  10. don't think that works
  11. ok, i will try and figure it out from that
  12. It's actually what Grunt posted I believe..
  13. Code (Text):
    int min = -20;
    int max = 60;
    int XCoord = randomNo.nextInt((max-min) + 1) + min;
    so this will generate a random number between -20 and 60?
  14. sorry, i think my brain is imploding now
  15. Test it and find out ;)
  16. I Guarentee you that works... I use a line of code breat exactly like it all the time
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  17. I think it does, could you please explain how it works to me as my brain is refusing to work
  18. Of course :)

    Code (Text):
    int min = -20;
    int max = 60;
    int XCoord = randomNo.nextInt((max-min) + 1) + min;
    When you do (max-min) + 1 you are saying to generate a random value between 0 and the difference between the max and min values minus 1 because nextInt() generates from 0 to n-1, which is why you add 1, so the values in your range won't be 1 less than what you specified. Then, you add the minimum value to the random number to actually get a value in the range you specified. Let me know if that makes sense at all, as I'm pretty tired and it's really early in the morning :)
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