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Crash Random 'Loading NBT data' crash. MAP IS NOT CORRUPTED.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by daniksh, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Some time ago my server started to throw this error once a day, or sometimes even 12-15 hours and then crash.
    Sometimes it can crashes every minute.

    I know that it`s something about chunks, but every time server crashes I look to server.log to see who logged in right before crash. Then I get his location and check that region file (.mca) with Minecraft Region Fixer.
    It doesn`t find anything, and my server doesn`t work until the restart.

    I`m using Spigot-934 (MC: 1.5.2)

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  2. joehot200


    The ONLY REASON you will get a NBT data tag problem is if your map or player files is corrupt.

    I would suggest you ban or reset the player data of the last player who joined the server.

    Edit: Checking the stack trace, You have got a corrupted map or corrupted player file(s).
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  3. Why will you ban the latest player, who joined the server? This doen't take sense to me. I would suggest to teleport to each players last location (see crash report). If the server crashes, you found the problem. Otherwise a player has a corrupted inventory. To fix your problem, i can recommend you RegionFixer.
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    Well, because the region fixer takes time to run, i could then have my server down for almost 2 hours (how long it took to scan for me). Instead, if i ban the latest player i can then run the region fixer with my server running, and only have 2 mins downtime while i tell it to delete the corrupted chunks.

    Banning the player is a temporary fix, as players can sometimes find the corrupted chunk again, However i have had a few times when Minecraft Region Fixer fails to work, or has a few glitches (e.g. one time it finished scanning and then scans again before i can input any other commands....). In that case, i often ban over 5 players, however it is worth it so the other 50 players or whatever can still play.
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  5. how would you easily visit the last player location without the player logging in?
  6. Essentials has /seen and /whois that will display all sorts of goodies about a player
  7. I get this error 1-2 times a week, easy fix though.

    Just go into your log and check the last position the logged in player was at example
    4165.0058634 50.5643434 6969.65434345
    Butcher out the decimals
    4165 50 6969
    Go to http://dinnerbone.com/minecraft/tools/coordinates/
    paste in the cordinates this will give you the file name of the corrupted chunk
    example: r.0.0.mcr
    Then go to /serverdir/world/region and delete the file
    You can now teleport to that position and not crash you server
  8. How to fix it?
    My post : https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/crash.93742/

    I can't find the mca file in the /serverdir/factions/region/