Random Minecraft command issue

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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if you can help. All of a sudden (as of today) I was no longer able to run basic minecraft commands like /gamemode c , etc . I was, however, able to change my gamemode from running it like this /minecraft:gamemode creative but I can't run any other commands. Whats going on ?????
  2. When you write "/gamemode c" what is the response? Also does it seem that you can only use native minecraft commands?
  3. as PotatoTheEllie said, what's the error ? and what plugins do you have ? it's probably another plugin overriding the vanilla commands so you'll need to set the permissions for that in your permission plugin (if you have one, if not, download one like LuckPerms)
  4. not he response is this
    /gamemode [survival/creative/adventure/spectator] [player]
  5. Thats the thing. I dont get any errors. When Im trying the command and hit enter it does either of 2 outputs.
    1 ) Does not display any output
    2 ) Tells me how to use the command I executed
  6. then it's probably that a plugin overrides the default command and only accept survival, creative, spectator and adventure abd bit c s sp and a. maybe try with numbers ? it works in most plugins
  7. A plugin list screenshot (via /plugins) would be helpful to see which may be overriding.
  8. I can try if its that, its just I have so many plugins it will take a while :rolleyes:
  9. if you provide us your plugin list we can maybe try to find the issue
  10. upload_2020-1-7_12-38-54.png
  11. Looks like DeluxeHub, it has a gamemode command which will clash with essentials.
  12. Ok, let me look into it. I do appreciate you guys for helping
  13. I fixed it -_- ... you wont belive what it was .. I feel so dumb. I wrote an incorrect custom command with deluxe hub
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  14. Aha, unlucky. Glad its working now though
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