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  1. Random teleport plugin are doing lag very much because you can teleport a place where nobody has been before. I think this problem can be solved by opening teleporting coords before teleportation. I mean there is a plugin named worldborder. It can generate map like someone walking there. When random teleport select coords, plugin will start to generate around of the coords but frequent will be low. After generation maybe 10-15 seconds later player will be teleported there. It can be good, can it? Sorry my bad english. I hope you can understand me.
  2. Are you asking how to make it, or are you asking someone to make it?
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  3. Oh hell, ur english is really bad, I won't blame you but where do you come from? I'm sure we'll find someone speaking that language...
  4. You're.

    As in, "You're an idiot."
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  5. Sorry for trying to help...
  6. You weren't helping, you were criticising.

    Honestly that comment made you would like a prick.


    He even said sorry for my bad English.

    It's like I come to your website, and expect me to speak a language I've never spoken before.

    This is the spigot community, and even though there is a rule saying the posts should be English, that's exactly what the OP did. He spoke English, even though he's not great at it.
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  7. I was trying to find someone who can speak his language to make helping easier in a private Conversation. I read that last sentence and I know about the rules, that's why I tried to make a Conversation.

    That comment wasn't meant rude in any way. Sorry for the misunderstanding tho.
  8. I guess I was too harsh, sorry dude, have a great day.
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  9. Where did that "you're" come from? It is 'your' English, not 'you're' English.

    He was not even rude, rather trying to help find him someone who speaks his language instead.

    All I read what you post on the Spigot forums is that you are irritated by something or someone, and it actually is extremely "irritating".

    About the website whereon you have to speak a language you have never spoken before: why would you join it? If you cannot speak a language, you most likely will not join it.

    Most people get English lessons at their school anyway, so what you said does not make sense.

    You indeed were too harsh, and I reflect this towards you.
  10. The only reason I was pissed off at him was because of the quote, "Oh hell, ur english is really bad!"

    He literally tells him is English is bad and then uses "ur" instead of "you're."

    Also, I said I was sorry, can't you just fucking let it go?

    I find your comment quite useless and insolent, honestly not the greatest post.
  11. Who are you to judge if you confuse 'your' and 'you're? It is 'your' English, not 'you're' like you suggested.

    I cannot ******* let go indeed, as people like you are, again, extremely annoying.

    According to you my comment was useless, but please explain how any of your posts were relevant to OPs question? Not.
    And thank you, my post may not have been the greatest, but most of yours are not, because all they contain is the expression of your tingling hormones ("it's quite irritating this, that, blah blah").
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  12. gigosaurus


    I really don't want to have to butt in here, but please stop this petty argument. I don't care who's in the right or wrong, but stop filling this thread with tons of pointless posts which isn't even at all related to the question that is being asked.

    @brkdgl07 You're right in thinking that possibly having the chunks pre-generated before teleporting will cause a lot less lag. You discussed two ways in which it is possible to try and resolve this. Are you trying to ask if your idea of delaying the teleportation, slowly loading the chunks at the location before teleporting the player there is a good idea or not? It certainly is an interesting concept.
  13. I really don't know if that was ever been thought of, but that would make the 3-second-delay before teleports actually senseful. Any Ideas how to do this? I had some Ideas, most of them are crap but they might be helpful...
    • Spawn a fake-player with ProtocolLib? [NOPE: Fake-Players are just DISPLAYED to the Client, not actually spawned right?]
    • Spawn an Entity? [NOPE: Only Players make Chunks load]
    • According to the Map-Format you might change the time when the last time a block has changed. Not sure if this will load a whole chunk. :/
    • Check if the Chunk was ever generated before and generate it if not, if the chunk generates I'm sure it will be loaded, if not, read the 3 points above again.
    That's it... Hope this will help.
  14. There's a loadChunk method for worlds.
  15. oops. didn't see that yet. Okay, forget it xD
  16. :D you are right my english is terrible. However, mine is just suggestion. I might have sent wrong forum part. I have written that maybe someone like this and wants to make. :)
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