Spigot Random Teleport (wilderness) [1.14.4] - A MUST FOR FACTIONS AND SURVIVAL SERVERS 2.5.1

Very Useful for PvP/Factions and Survival Servers !

  1. The location it receives from the player also takes in the player's yaw/pitch. which means, simply changing your POV but not moving in the XYZ counts as moving and thus the teleportation stops. Can you make it so that it doesn't count the yaw/pitch of the player? Ty.
  2. I tried to use the plugin in Minecraft 1.13.2 and apparently the /rtp command teleports the player to the same location. I think that's because the plugin is running in 1.13.2, the teleport methods must've changed in some details.
    I also tried to find the source code to fix this "little" problem, but this plugin doesn't appear to be an open source project :/

    So, what should I do now?
  3. Hey leothawne,

    So when a player executes the /rtp command, it teleports at the spawn?
  4. No, it teleports to an already loaded chunk and that's all... /rtp doesn't teleport to any other locations...
  5. Will this plugin allow me to setup 4 different random tp zones on the same world? I'd like to be able to teleport from 4 spots, each to its own random area but located all in the same world... Is this possible? Thanks
  6. You should disable the command for worls not in the config or they'll be teleported to the same place each time.
  7. Completely wrong, restart your server, do /rtp and you'll see that it will randomly teleport you.
  8. - rtp.worlds to be able to teleport to any world
    - rtp.world.[world] to be able to teleport to a specific world

    These permissions are useless as all players with rtp.tp are able to teleport in all worls.
  9. When i place sign and a user try to use it, it says You are not allowed to do this

    What's the permission to use it?
  10. Does this plugin work with worldborder? To not be able to random teleport outside the border.
  11. From what we noticed on our 2nd server Amigo's, is that Worldguard is active there and Random Teleport does what it's name tells you, it goes everytime to a different location and I never went beyond the WG border... So it should work....
    Now hoping it will still work in 1.14 +
  12. Ever since I upgraded my server to 1.13.2 this plugin is mostly teleporting to water locations It seems to be about 9 out of 10 times it will teleport you to the middle of an ocean.
  13. Wonder if it worls for 1.14.x
  14. The plugin isnt updated to blacklist the new ocean biomes, is there a timeframe on when this will be solved?
    Also the RTP signs do not seem to be working.
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  15. Don't know about the biomes but signs have to be placed on the ground from my testing.
  16. for my server when someone try to use rtp it says in chat :wrong block broke another block that clicked vl445
  17. Hi, I'm having issues with this plugin on 1.14.4, it keeps tping people into walls and suffocating them, spawning them in the middle of the ocean and it ignores my world border and places people outside of it
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