Spigot Random Teleport (wilderness) [1.17] - A MUST FOR FACTIONS AND SURVIVAL SERVERS 2.6.2

Very Useful for PvP/Factions and Survival Servers !

  1. Hi, if the biomes are the improved version of vanilla biomes it will work perfectly, but you cant select a new biome created by the plugin, you can only select the name of vanilla biomes
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  2. You didnt see the command /rtp set [size] in the /help ? If not, are you op?
  3. I am OP and server owner, however when i type the rtp help command it didnt list that in there. Maybe i overlooked it, either way i have it manually fixed now for the distance just wanted to suggest making sure its in the rtp help section. ^_^
  4. Is it possible to have /wild to another world? Like let's say I made a world called "spawn" and then I have another called "world" where players start their survival, the "spawn" is the main area where shops and everything is there but when they do /wild they will get teleported to the "world" instead of the "spawn" world.

    Sorry for my bad english. :p
  5. Hi, yes it is possible, you just have to do "/wild [Player] [world]"
    You have all the permissions in plugin description :)
  6. Thank you for helping, very much appreciated. :D
  7. Hey there! Having some issues with permissions..

    I've added rtp.tp, rtp.worlds, rtp.biomes, rtp.world.world (my world name is actually world), and rtp.biome.plains.

    Despite having these permissions, I still get "You are not allowed to teleport to this biome."
    This happens when I try to teleport to any biome, as well as plains. Any ideas what the problem could be?

    I'm running on 1.12. Could this be the problem?
  8. Are you doing the command : "/rtp [YourPseudo] [world] [biome]" ?
  9. I'm running /rtp [biome].
    Not quite sure what you mean by YourPseudo, would that be playername?
    Thank you for your quick reply!
  10. yes it's playername :)
  11. When I try that I get "Invalid command, please use /rtp help" in return.

    EDIT: Just figured out I was using an old version of the plugin.. .My apologies. However, now it seems to teleport me to the same location each time regardless how the command is ran.
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  12. You have to first set the size of the teleportation area with /rtp size [size], if you want i can join your server to show you how the plugin works
  13. I set the teleportation size in the configuration file a few updates back. Does that not work anymore?

    Edit: Welp... That seemed to be the problem. Ran that command and it works just fine now, sorry. Thank you for your help.
  14. I have problem with /rtp set [size] too. It sets the area but it doesn't teleport anywhere. Also how can I remove it?
  15. Oh Dear God, I thought /rtp set creates the area where you can tp (you came in and it teleports you)... Sorry
  16. Yes, you had to delete the old configuration file because with the 2.0 I completely re-code the plugin so everything changed ^^
  17. I might be missing something. But, with the following permissions, I can't use "rtp jungle" anymore.

    I came from an older build. So I have deleted the configuration from that.

    After a while, I redid the permissions. But no results I was hoping for.
    At first, it gave me the "You are not allowed to do this" message. So I added the "rtp.help" permission. This permission is not listed on the spigot page. But would greatly help users.

    Code (Text):

           - rtp.tp
            - rtp.bypass
            - rtp.biomes
            - rtp.worlds
            - rtp.biome.JUNGLE
            - rtp.help
    Now I can teleport myself or others using "/rtp [player] [world] <biome>".
    Does this mean "rtp jungle" no longer works?

    Any feedback is appreciated.
  18. Hi, I don't understand your question what do you want to do exactly ?
  19. I want to use "/rtp jungle". But it does not work for me.
  20. Hi, i get a message what says:

    The RandomLocation was not able to get generated.

    What could i do?

    Thank you