Random TPS drop, anyone can spot the cause?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by LoneDev, Jan 15, 2020.

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  2. Not sure how well I'm reading that report, but it looks like theres a couple of things worth mentioning:

    - Diamond AntiCheat is sending commands to something rather often, a few issues there.
    - A DragonSlayer task took up a big spike for a moment.
    - Rougelike Dungeons is constantly causing some minor issues.
    - Entities as usual make a high appearance on the timings. Not a bad thing, but do you have changed settings for mobs etc ? Or plugins that manage them ?

    Just a few things I notice in that report.

    It was a random spike of around 20-30 seconds that was the issue. Nothing too major, depends how common this is. Make another report, and find out anything in common between the reports, that may help you find the issues.
  3. During the huge lagspike midway through the timings, it looks like a lot of lag comes from several plugins handling PlayerInteractEvent, not sure why that could be caused (perhaps player using autoclicker/hacked client? maybe? probably not? idk?)

    At the end, it seemed to be caused by a large amount of loaded entities. You could try changing entity-activation-range for monsters from 32 to 25 to see if this perhaps helps? I also recommend changing max-tick-time for tile and entity to both 1000 to disable it, as it could cause weird things for the server.

    As a side note for additional, but small, boost- in bukkit yml, change ambient from 3 to 0. Unless you need bats for some reason, keep it there, otherwise changing it to 0 will make them not spawn save up valuable resources on the server.
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    Thanks all for the tips!

    @YourCoal reading online that max-tick-time must be low not 1000 in order to get performance boost, am i wrong?
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    Expanding out your lastest timing report. Hopper minecarts to seem to be causing a good amount of lag on your server I'd take a look into removing some of them and see if that helps your servers performance.
  6. Basiclly lagg from AntiCheat and Hopper(or HopperMinecart)

    Try install Spark plugin and run spark performance sampler to collect verbose data.
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    Thanks guys! @Ghost_chu @z2y
    Are you sure lag is ONLY from these two sources?
  8. I can't analyze it with simple Timings, please create a Spark sampler report so i can read it accurate to code line
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    You'd have to dig into the timings to see if there are any other sources of lag. But I'd setup a max minecart per chunk that can be done fairly easy let me know if you need one I have the code already made.
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    Probably someone's using a minecart machine then.. I have to discover it, probably in some hours i'll login.

    Thanks! Well, if you have a good plugin to limit minecart hoppers would be nice
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    Yeah I'll get a build made tonight what's your discord I'll send it to you through there.
  13. Hi, I advise you to make a timings report so you can see the greedy processes or with the Lagassit / MassiveLag plugin
  14. From spark, most time eat by Entity(ItemsAdder effect it).
    Timings in some machine will harm a lot performance, only enable it when you really need it.

    PS. Seems like ArmorStand also eat a lot performance, there is my advice:
    1. Set armor-stands-tick: false in paper.yml.
    2. Install plugin disable armor-stand can float on the water.
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    I totally agree with what Ghost_chu says looking through your timings. Here is the chunk entity limiter plugin I wrote [Google Drive] should help to limit some entity lag but it doesn't remove item frames, armour stands or villagers.