Bungee - Spigot RandomChester 1.0

Spawn chest with timer and random content in the world

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    RandomChester - Spawn chest with timer and random content in the world

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  2. Not having any luck getting RandomChester to work on 1.12.2 unfortunately. I get the messages in chat but when I /tp to the location nothing spawns. Love the concept, sucks it doesn't work.

    Fixed. I think there was a conflict with BuildersUtilities somehow. I uninstalled BU due to it causing issues with so many of my plugins. Thanks for the resource. Will rate after I get some usage out of it!~
  3. coordinates:
    #Maximum coordinates for the chest spawn
    maxx: 1000
    maxz: 1000
    #High of the spawn
    ypos: 110
    #How to config an item, for exemple item1, item1: (id of the item, visible with f3+h), prctitem1: (percent of chance for the item spawn)
    item1: 307
    prctitem1: 60
    item2: 308
    prctitem2: 50
    item3: 306
    prctitem3: 80
    item4: 309
    prctitem4: 70
    item5: 138
    prctitem5: 30
    item6: 264
    prctitem6: 70
    item7: 267
    prctitem7: 80
    item8: 322:1
    prctitem8: 100
    item9: 38
    prctitem9: 100
    #world of the event
    world: spawn
    enable: true
    #time before next spawn !
    temps : 7200
    #Bonue config :
    messagedebroadcast: §4[§7Alert§4] §6A mystery chest has spawned at the coordinates

    This is my current config and I am getting nothing but iron chestplates and leggings. Should ALWAYS receive a poppy flower and an enchanted golden apple in the chests. Is there a conflict with the item ID on the apple? being 322:1 wouldn't cause an error would it? Thanks.