Bungee - Proxy RandomHub [Multiple Hub Servers] 1.1.8

Plugin bringing you the posibility to balance the load of players between multiple hub servers.

  1. Nope, that is not supported. You can use my other plugin PlayerBalancer that supports this and more
  2. It already does that, it may take a bit to update the online/offline status, just decrease the time if you want it to be quicker so players dont get connected to offline servers
  3. hey. i'm looking for a plugin that would make my server still work if one of my hub servers went down for a reboot. if i installed this plugin and set it up [i have two lobby servers] and if lobby1 went down, would players still be able to login and go to lobby2?
  4. Sorry if this has already been answered, but how do I make all kick reasons send you to the hub?