Spigot Randomizer [1.17.X] w/ 1.13-1.16.5 support 3.0.0

Make yourself some challenge in survival!

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    Randomizer [1.15.X] - Every Block you break, will drop a random item!

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  2. Can you create à antigravity plugin like every 20min people float for 30s
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    yml Savings + Removed Reload Dependency

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    1.16 UPDATE!

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  5. I'm having a lotta problems and some help would be sweet.

    I downloaded the file and assumed it was a datapack so I put it in my datapacks folder but nothings working. I made a new save, downloaded the file again, but it still didn't work.

    Is it cause I'm on a single player world or am I doing something dumb?
  6. Uhm, this is a plugin.
    There is literally Spigot besides the name. :D

    I hope I could help you xD
  7. Hello, I'm trying to recreate Socksfor1's one block sky block but drops are random on the biggest mod pack. The modpack I'm playing the Omega Adventure pack but I'm having trouble where to put the randomizer file in the modpack's files.
  8. This is not a mod, datapack or something else.
    This is a plugin. You will need a Spigot Server for it.
  9. Hi, I put this on an Aternos server and when I try any of the /randomizer commands, it says "permission denied" please help
  10. You either have to be OP, or have a permission plugin and set the right permissions for yourself ;)
  11. Please add a feature to make it drop a random amount of blocks as well
  12. That's a really good idea!
    In the next version, I will try to include this, and of course, add an option to enable/disable it in the config :D
  13. Great plugin but would love a feature that allow it to turn on and off randomly too, would tie in well with my smp!
  14. this sounds fun, I will try to make a good generalization for the feature.
    thanks for your feedback! if you like the plugin, please consider rating it, too :D
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  15. Very good plugin but when I type in any command It says permission denied. So I don't really know what to do now.
  16. You need to be operator, or give yourself the permission to the commands, the permissions are stated at the info page. ^^
  17. Can we get some Multiverse support here?
  18. Hello!
    I have a quick question: is this plugin discontinued? or will there ever be more updates? It would maybe be cool if the randomizer shuffles once in a while and also messes with mob drops etc....