Spigot Randomizer [1.17.X] w/ 1.13-1.16.5 support 3.0.0

Make yourself some challenge in survival!

  1. Hi there!
    I am still alive, yeah, but I have a really big project going on, until sometime in May, so I won't really have time to deal with the plugin.
    But! In the last few weeks, I already thought about a new, bigger, better structure that is more handleable for me too, personally for Randomizer.

    So, when I have time next month, I will try to make all the suggestions I got in the last months into reality and put them into a really big update.

    Sorry if I was a little bit mute since then, but the project will definitely go on, after all, the current version still works with the newest minecraft-version, and when 1.17 comes out, I will certainly do an update to support that, as well :)
  2. Oh okay! I just wasn't sure, but that sounds promising! :)
  3. I've found a maybe kind of op bug in the plugin: when you break a block while holding a debug stick (survival) you get the block drop but the block itself doesn't break...
  4. does it also do random drop amouts to
  5. Is there a way to have it randomize block drops but only for certain worlds? im running a multiverse server and want one world of skyblock but every drop is random
  6. I've been using this plugin for maybe over a year at this point and I still like it a lot!
    In the time I've been using it I've been getting into Java developing and such and was wondering if this project is / or will become opensource so I can mess with it a bit myself and maybe even improve on it :)
  7. I am still alive, and yes, I will still continue the development of the plugin, and if I am confident enough with the new version, I will definitely put it on GitHub.
  8. I have a little more freetime now, and will continue this project, as well as port it to 1.17. Stay tuned.
  9. motz updated Randomizer [1.13-1.16.X] with a new update entry:

    2.0 Rewrite + 1.17 compatibility!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  10. Sir why can't I use the command /randomizer in game?
  11. If you were using the version 1.17.1 of Minecraft, just download the new update of Randomizer, and it should work.
  12. it worked as a silk touch hand, but the commands are not in minecraft
  13. What exactly do you mean, do the commands not show up at all? Is there an error in your console?
    Also, if you mean by "worked as a silk touch hand", that everything just dropped the same thing, that's because you have never run /randomizer shuffle
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