Spigot RandomLobby 1.6

Tired of hosting multiple servers for your lobbies? No more, with this plugin you can... !!!

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    This plugin does is allow you to have more than one lobby in just one server!! you have one per world or more in each world ... but all in one server!, it's free and easy to set up, and already is configure you can write:
    - /spawn
    - /lobby

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  2. Allow a player to choose lobby you want to be in. Plz add.
  3. Ok, i would try, but the true story is that i am noob in making plugins, so i would try, thank you! :)
  4. I think you are doing great! :)
  5. Is there a custom lobby selector? Can they open a GUY to tell you how many players are in that lobby? How do you create a lobby? Sorry I'm sort of confused.
  6. Oh ok, gracias amigo
  7. Dnd, y gracias a ti :) si quieres hacer un review sobre el plugin o que te pareciĆ³ dime, acepto cualquier sugerencia!! ;)
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  8. Claro amigo! :)
  9. Jaja gracias por el review :) cualquier cosa no dudes en decirmela, que yo estoy para eso!!
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  11. Finally I did it!!! :D
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    RandomLobby 1.6 - MC 1.7 - 1.8

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  13. can you add bungeecord to the plugin?
  14. ok, im looking for that
  15. Ok sorry, but I tried to code something but I can't test o see how it works because I don't have a bungee network to test it, in my computer I only can have one server... ;( sorry