Spigot RandomLobby 1.6

Tired of hosting multiple servers for your lobbies? No more, with this plugin you can... !!!

  1. Can you create permissions like lobbies? to make like premium lobbies or group lobbies? that an player can only do /lobby when in an specific lobby group?
  2. of course...im gonna do a recode of the plugin soon
  3. Pls make this plugin on 1.9 version
  4. This plugin looks great
  5. I was doing a plugin with custom scoreboard, lobbies, tab and things like that but I didn't finished haha I got bored, actually what I have works but it is not finished
  6. I can share the code if you want, I did too an egg wars generator with levels too, like an API, like cube craft generator, but its just like an API i didn't finish the minigame, lol, i got bored, if you want I can share you the code
  7. haha thanks
  8. Puedes hacer lo mismo pero con bungeecord es urgente gracias