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  1. I own a Bungee Network and recently changed themes I'm trying to think of a Hub default rank name (THEME : FANTASY) i also need some donor ranks (ONLY 4 ) i was thinking VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+ but its boring, any ideas?
  2. Come up with something unique. My adventure/RPG/survival server comes from a book I'm writing in the book you have 4 ranks that you move through during the story. I put those ranks to the donor ranks. Traveler, adventurer, explorer, and expeditionor. Make something unique for your server that fits you.
  3. Hmm ye ik but i mean like default?
  4. Thanks i just got some really cool ideas! Traveler, Elf, Dwarf, Mage and Divine! thanks
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  5. In the book, every on is a traveler. So I set that as default, your forced to travel from the last standing city.
  6. I'm on ur server
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  7. Awesome, enjoy! It's a work in progress, the story portion will be unveiled Monday. I livestreamed building it yesterday. It's going to be awesome.
  8. GaIaxy


    I created a really good guide for server ranks here.
    Note; it's all fun and games.
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