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A ranked wishlist ...

  1. ... is a good idea and would improve my SpigotMC member experience.

  2. ... is a bad idea and would not improve my SpigotMC member experience.

  1. Background: I have a watchlist with a sizable number of resources added. Many items on that list I am watching for updates or news. Many of the watched resources are not premium, already purchased, or very low on the priority list but for which I desire to be alerted.

    Problem: I have quite a few premium plugins that I'm watching simply because I plan to purchase them. However, the watchlist cannot be sorted in a fashion that facilitates purchase priority

    Suggestion(s): Please add the ability to maintain a ranked wishlist. This could be by enhancing the current watchlist to allow a numeric rank to be applied to each watch item that allows them to bubble to the top or gravitate to the bottom of the watchlist. Or, if enhancement of existing watchlist code is not pragmatic, add a separate wishlist, to which, we can add/rank/sort premium resources.

    Enhancement: If such a wishlist were then publishable or linkable, our staff and players could then view the list and ideally, cast up/down votes to help steer owner/admin priorities.

    In a growing world of alternative [resource] platforms, I believe such improvements would add a competitive edge (or force the competition to play catch-up).
  2. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    Sounds like an interesting feature. Would be interesting to know if you (or anyone) knows of an open source Xenforo 1 addon which adds that functionality or is willing to create one that does that (as I couldn't find one with a quick search)?
  3. I like the idea personally and think that it should be added but dont see it as a massive issue (or need) for that many people