Ranks/Kits in books + Slimefun help

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  1. How do i make a rank available by right clicking a book that can be won from a crate?
    So like some factions severs have ranks in crates and when u click the book it gives you the rank, or kit.

    Also how do i get more stuff in the enegry section of slimefun, like electric furnace and stuff
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  2. Was this not part of the Book Exploit they fixed in 1.8? I think running commands from books has been disabled. Not sure if there is a plugin work-around past 1.7.4.
  3. I'm not sure of anyway to do this other than the crate plugin supporting the option. What you could try to do is first spawn in a Book and edit it using Simple Rename

    After you are finished renaming and editing he book bind command to boo and have them set to be used once using ItemCommands

    Then find a Crate plugin that supports NBT and preferably has an in-game editor this one has an editor but I'm not sure if it supports NBT.

    I'd be interested to know if a plugin supports this, most of the crate plugins just run the commands directly.
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