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  1. I know in the popular servers you go to there server shop in there website And then they have a Factions Category and perhaps you buy Rank A on FactionsA & Then Rank B on FactionsB And then when you log in to Factions A You have Rank A & It doesn't conflict with the other ranks. So you can Have Different ranks & Prefixes on each world. How Is this possible? Does anyone know? Is this some plugin or something..? So basically I'm asking how can you have Different ranks for each world? So if someone has a SkyWars rank they wont have a Factions Rank on the SkyWars World. Does anybody know how to do this? (Is this BungeeCord or something?) Please help! Would be a great help :D
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  2. @Arman Oh Haha, I frogot how you could do that. Thanks! Great Help! +1 Positive Rating
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  3. Use GroupManager and do /mangadd FactionA world
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  4. @Arman This is a little off topic in this thread, But I recently have downloaded your Warnings Plugin :) Seems like a great plugin to warn your players. You have reached 100 downloads & Leveing a review. :)
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  5. GroupManager can help u
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  6. @WaterXCubic can you help me with the group manager and how to put the ranks in my worlds
    by multiverse core worlds
  7. This is called...
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