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  1. You can use a enum for the ranks better
  2. You guys pointed out on team solution, and I did so. The team does change when you use the /rank command, but the prefix doesn't although I did set a prefix, what I don't understand: If the team has changed, and I made sure it did by sending the player a message containing their team name, why didn't the prefix change with it?? The system itself as:

    1. make teams
    2. setting settings(prefix, SeePlayersInvis and such) has done properly
    3. make /rank command that changes the team
    4. Make a get & set rank static operators
    and confirming they all work by displaying the player the team it is in...

    then why doesn't the prefix change?? That's my question, the code itself is clear, and @AtomicZombies, I started working on this code a long time ago, and I am still working on making it more efficient, I still have a lot to learn, I agree, but it is just a matter of time, I find the challenge of doing spigot plugins more teaching than dealing with simple school java that only deals with logic and simple matters. I am getting better and making my code more efficient every single day :D
  3. and @ZNetwork, that's what I used to do until people here started to tell me teams is the only solution... This thing is getting me really confused.
  4. You might find some help by looking at this. Keep in mind, that this code is old. I haven't updated it in a while. Several people on this thread have suggested you use the automatically designed system for Enum values. You should do this, but if you have other reasons for designing a rank priority you can use something like this
  5. Well... at the beginning I used enums, then you guys told me to use scoreboard teams, so I did that, then suddenly you told me enums are better.. so I got sick of it and did it my own way, and it works perfectly now, none of your ways worked, but I still appreciate your help and comments :)
    Thank you
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  6. Ok. But you should share with this thread how you solved it. That way someone who may have a similar issue can read this without having to reply.
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